Motocross champions like Chad Reed are used to flying more than 30 feet above the ground during races. Of course, having a 450cc bike with powerful shock absorbers helps cushion the landing. When riders are removed from their bikes in mid-air that’s when things get scary.

That’s exactly what happened to Reed during Saturday’s Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship stop in Millville, MN. The current series leader had just moved into the lead when things took a dramatic turn for the worse. While entering one of the larger jumps on the track he lost control of his bike and was immediately thrown off during what became a terrifying launch. His body was tossed 35-feet in the air before coming down hard on a nearby embankment.

The whole incident rattled fans at the Spring Creek track. But Reed nevertheless got up and dusted himself off. Then he managed to jump back on his bike and finish the race. During the remaining laps he passed enough of the field to finish 14th, just enough for him to keep his grip on his overall series lead. Despite having the wind knocked out of him and receiving a good blow to the head, Reed says he suffered no major injuries and is ready for to race again this Saturday.

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