During last weekend’s Red Bull X-Fighters event in Texas, the third stop on the five event freestyle motocross (FMX) series, Metal Mulisha rider Cam Sinclair nudged the sport firmly into the next realm of performance by becoming the first rider ever to land a double backflip during a competitive freestyle run. To be clear, until last week the move had only been pulled by riders like Travis Pastrana in Big Trick competitions, like the X-games, but not in freestyle competition, where riders perform multiple moves on a timed run. What’s more, Sinclair pulled the move in consecutive rounds while trying to fend off challenges from the world’s best riders, impressing the big Texas size crowd.

Sinclair’s feat represents the crossing of another risk threshold in a sport that was already filled with danger, a fact made painfully clear back in February of this year when Jeremy Lusk, one of the sport’s favorite sons, died competing in Costa Rica while attempting a single backflip. His loss rattled the FMX world. Fortunately for Sinclair, bruised ankles were all he had to contend with after his hard landing in the semifinals. While not serious, the injury was enough to knock him out of competition, which paved the way for Nate Adams to take the win.

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