A woman named Kara got a taste of what it's like to be a participant in an autocross, a skill-driving event in which a driver negotiates a course of turns and stops that are so sudden they make your eyes pop out. Or at least that's what happened in Kara's case.

As an anniversary present, Kara finally relented to ride shotgun with her husband, Jayson Stewart, who had been trying to get her to ride along with him in autocross for three years. It might be at least that long until she agrees to go again—if ever. Watch her hysterical and terrorized reactions as Jayson takes his turn through the one-minute course at San Diego SCCA Autocross:

The video was posted on the San Diego SCCA Autocross Facebook page with this explanation: "People watch autocross videos and often think it looks a bit slow. Here's evidence it's not at all. And that some people should probably wear adult diapers. Thanks Kara for being a good sport! Now get in the driver's seat!"

A representative of the track messaged GrindTV Outdoor with more details, saying the car Jayson was driving averages 45 mph to 50 mph with a top speed of 60 mph. However, it’s anything but tame because the transitions are so technical and quick. Jayson knows this all too well, since he is a regular at autocross, but the public is ignorant of these facts, thus prompting the video.

"This video was just a product of my realization that the outboard videos never do autocross justice (lots of racing tends to look slow),” the rep told GrindTV Outdoor. “So I suggested to [Jayson] that he have a camera facing her! Turned out to be a huge hit. It took a long time for her to get the nerve to sit with him (she’s come out to cheer him on for many events), but we’re all glad for it."

And so are we, the laughing public—Kara’s husband included.

“I laughed so hard I cried the first time I watched it,” Jayson commented on Facebook, adding, “I don’t think this helped to get her behind the wheel…sigh.”

Neither did the car sickness she experienced.

Photos are screen grabs from video.