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We love to switch it up from the norm every chance we get, and the recent resurgence of flat track racing has been cool to watch happen. Making things even more interesting is the introduction of Roland Sands Design’s Superhooligan racing, which features big V-Twin motorcycles with flat track modifications and as they say, “Rules are loose at best.” The current defending #1 plate holder is none other than Oregon’s Andy Dibrino, who is a do-it-all kind of racer that spans his skill set from motocross, to road racing, and now into flat track. We caught up with him last weekend at round two of the championship for a quick interview. Read on…

This is a pretty new thing for you, and you've seen immediate success last year with it.

Yeah, I just kind of fell into flat track through Thor Drake at See See Motorcycles. He had a bike, and when the series came about last year he was like, "Go race it!" So I did, and won it. For this year I was like, "Ok, I should probably race flat track. I'm doing ok at it and I like it." So here we are today at the Hippie Killer Hoedown which is round 2. I have a little bit of beef with this track –last year this was the only race I crashed in and the race didn't go well so I'm just trying to get my redemption to day and put it on the box.

Talk about your background. You're definitely a moto guy, and people who follow you on Instagram (@andy_dibrino) will see that.

Yeah, so I grew up racing motocross and I had a PW50 by the time I was four years old. Actually the first day I went to the track it was also Justin Hills first day and we both learned to ride PW50's at this place called Albany in Oregon. But yeah, I grew up racing motocross, and when I was 13 I got into Supermoto, the next year I got into road racing, and about four years ago I got into flat track. But growing up racing was just for fun –my dad and I did it. My pathway was very different than other people, but I just enjoy trying new things.

So does See See build the bike for you?

See See built last year's bike, but this year I got hired by Latest Motors Racing which is a Harley Davidson dealership that is 10 minutes from my house in Oregon. They built a brand new 2017 Street Rod 750 Harley for me, just the was I wanted it, so I'm really liking this new bike today.

For those that have no clue, describe Super Hooligan Racing.

These bikes start out as 500+ pound street bikes, and we strip as much weight off as we can, then put 19 inch wheels and flat track tires on it. That's really all you need to get going, but us serious guys at the top are turning these things into full-bore race bikes. The only thing stock on my bike is the swing arm, frame, and the motor. Well, the motor is even built, but it has different forks, triple clamps, tanks, seat, shocks, and the list goes on…

You're signed up for this whole Super Hooligan Series right?

Yea, and what I like about Super Hooligans is that it attracts such a wide variety of racers. You have a guy like myself, but then you have guys like Twitch out here, and Tyler Bereman, then you have Joe Copp who's a former grand national flat track champion. You have pro road racers, and it's basically everybody from all different backgrounds here racing these bikes.

Do you have set goals in this? You just picked up Rockstar as a sponsor through all this –that has to be big for you.

My goal is to win the championship, and that was my goal for last year. This series has given me the ability to make some of my dreams come true. A year ago, I would have never guessed that Fox would sponsor me. They have been my favorite since day one, and my first motocross gear was Fox gear and my first road race leathers were Shift. So for my to get picked up by them is awesome, and I've also always wanted to be sponsored by Rockstar and it all just kind of worked out. This series has kind of given me a place to shine and get attention from big companies.

Rad, and through all this you're still riding moto too I see.

Yeah, I still race motocross and everyone always asks what my favorite thing is. I would without a doubt say that going and riding motocross is my favorite. That's not what I do seriously so maybe that's why it's my favorite, but hopping on a motocross bike is what I've been doing forever and I love it. I ride with local pros and train with them to get better, and last year I got to do the 125 Triple Crown at Hangtown and Washougal. This year my focus is this Super Hooligan flat track racing, but I'm also dipping into American Flat Track and got my pro singles license. I'm also road racing a series at home in Portland, and doing a couple Moto America races, and I'm hoping to do a couple of those 125cc invitationals at the nationals again this year.

So two wheels and a motor and you'll race it?

[Laughs] Yes, exactly.

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