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Big news from Alta Motors, makers of the first high-performance electric off-road motorcycle. After a very popular initial release with the Redshift MX/EX/SM, plus the massive amount of support that the Bay Area brand has received from the industry, they have announced sweeping price reductions to the entire line. Effective immediately, the price for all three bikes will now be at a price point that is comparable with the standard internal combustion engine-equipped models of the competition.

For the motocross race-ready Redshift MX, the new MSRP for dealers will be $10,495. For the street-legal and trail-ready Redshift EX, the new MSRP for dealers will be $12,995. And lastly, for the street-legal and slick tire equipped SM, the new MSRP for dealers will be $13,495.

In addition to the lower price, the 2018 model line will all feature improved hardware and software, which will reduce the weight of the machine and increase the power.

We’ve spent plenty of time in the saddle of both the MX and EX models, and have kept in communication with Alta Motors for the past year. This, like any new technology, is the typical reduction in price that comes with time (think about how much your first flat screen television was compared to the new models now offered) and not a sign that the company is hurting for money.

You can view the full press release from Alta Motors below. To find a local dealer near you or to see when the next demo day will be, visit

Throughout 2017, Alta Motors set out on a mission to bring the most technologically advanced performance electric motorcycles to the world. In 2018, Alta is pleased to announce pricing on its Redshift Models that finally brings Performance Electric Off-road motorcycles in line with gas.

The new pricing structure, effective immediately, establishes the MSRP for the new 2018 Redshift MX at  $10,495, with the street-legal EX and SM models starting at $12,995 and $13,495 respectively.

"We are pleased to offer the superior performance of the Alta Redshift platform for the first time at a price that is directly comparable to the premium bikes in our segment." Said Matthew Work, Chief Revenue Officer. "The promise of electric drivetrains is here today, no longer a promise in the future."

While Alta's thrilling performance has always come with market-leading ease of maintenance and the lowest total cost of ownership, 2018 pricing has moved the brand to price parity with the leading performance gasoline off-road bikes in the market.

The 2018 Redshift MX brings new hardware and software upgrades, pushing out more horsepower and faster recharge times, while reducing weight and improving overall reliability from the previous model year. 

"Growing demand and investments in our manufacturing and supply chain allow economies of scale that we can pass directly on to our customers," said Marc Fenigstein, Founder and Chief Product Officer. "We are excited to be able to compare our machine head-to-head with the best in the market."

With the continued expansion of its dealer network, Alta Motors is primed to bring the Future of Fast to every corner of the globe. Stay tuned as 2018 promises to be a new year full of excitement.