Drones: We all know they’re pretty much the future. And 2016 is the year they officially take over with their own racing leagues.

The future is here.

The future is here.

These leagues are coming out the wazoo, so how does one go about promoting their league against all the other ones circling around? How about $1 million in prizes and a promo video of a kid racing a drone against a $265,000 McLaren 650s Dubai Police cruiser?

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The World Drone Prix is set to embark on its inaugural race starting with qualifiers March 7-8 and the main event happening March 11-12 at the Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone. More than 100 teams from around the world will compete for all that cash and the glory (?) of victory.

The future is nigh.

So drones can beat McLaren's now?

So drones can beat McLarens now?

Stay up to date on all the World Drone Prix happenings over here.

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