When Feld Motorsports released the dates of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Series in October, there was a footnote that the three rounds of the Triple Crown format and the 250 East-West Showdown would be announced at a later day. That time has come, as the confirmed five dates were included alongside the preview of the sixteen tracks that riders will face through the series.

The three rounds that will run under the Triple Crown format are Anaheim Two, Detroit, and Houston. First implemented in 2018, the Triple Crown changes the night show portion of a Monster Energy Supercross round into three Main Events per class, with the duration of each race extended slightly as the night continues. A rider’s total finish through the three Main Events determines their overall score for the evening and the championship points that they will receive. Riders have been critical of the format, as it makes the start very important and forces a rider to push for the full duration of the race, which some feel could bring an increase in crashes or injuries. Even with the heightened risks, the Triple Crown races in 2018 saw an increased aggression and competitive spirit from racers and a mix of winners through each night.

Also noted in the announcement was the confirmation of two 250 East-West Showdowns in the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Because the 250 class is broken up into two championship, the full field of 250 class competitors only face their rivals from the other region only two times through the series. The two 250 East-West Showdowns will take place at the Atlanta and Las Vegas rounds.