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During start of the final race on the opening night of the 2018 Paris Supercross, AutoTrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing rider Weston Peick was involved in a violent crash with Cedric Soubeyras. Of the three riders, Peick received the worst of the incident as Soubeyras hit Peick’s body. Medics immediately rushed to Peick, removed him from the track, and transported him to a French hospital where he was sedated for further treatment.

The initial actions by medics and word from doctors was a cause for concern, but we were told on Sunday morning that Peick was stable at the hospital with multiple facial injuries that will require surgery and likely an extended stay in the hospital. Luckily, there are no injuries to the brain. Peick’s family and fiancée traveled to Paris on Sunday morning and have said that they will release a statement with full details in the coming days.

Peick signed another one-year contract extension with AutoTrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing for the 2019 race season.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 26TH 7 AM | Road2Recovery has released another update on Peick one week after his crash and the prognosis seems much more positive than initially feared. Over the last few days, Peick underwent his second surgery to repair damage around his eyes and nose, a procedure that lasted several hours and was done with no issues. Thanks to this surgery, Peick will likely have his tracheostomy tube removed on Tuesday, November 27th, and will likely be released from the hospital on Friday.

Thanks to the work of the hospital staff, Peick may be able to return to the United States on “non-assisted commercial air transport,” which will be a much cheaper option than the full medical flight that was initially anticipated. Once back in the United States, Peick will then have to begin work with a specialist to further repair his right eye and a third surgery will be necessary on his nose to correct other damage.

In the week since the creation of the Road2Recovery donation page, Peick has received over $36,000 of the requested $100,000.


UPDATE NOVEMBER 20TH 4 PM | Road2Recovery has released a further update on Peick’s status and has set up an official account to accept donations to help with the medical costs associated with the injuries. Per the press release, “Peick underwent an extensive first surgery late last night at the hospital he was transported to after his collision with Dylan Ferrandis during the opening night of the 2018 Paris Supercross. Peick was heavily sedated to help relieve the extreme pain from his injuries and post-op surgeries. His first successful surgery was to fix the multiple nose, eye, and other facial fractures including two breaks in his jaw and dual dislocation of the jaw bone from his skull. His injuries are extensive and very serious but the doctors have confirmed no brain or spinal damage has occurred, and he is expected to make a full recovery. Peick is now awake and under minor sedation to help offset the tremendous pain he is in. His physicians are assessing his status and starting phase two of his treatment to determine the timeline for his second surgery.

“Peick, his father Louie, fiancée Kelly, and mechanic Travis are with him as he recovers from his first surgery. Being so far away from home, the medical care they are accustom to, and the language barrier is making the recovery process a bit more difficult on everyone. Staying in France for the second surgery will be a long and expensive process. It is the only option for him, as air transfer is not a safe option yet, due to the trauma he sustained to his face. Peick is expected to undergo his second surgery within seven days from now with a hopeful US transfer date of ten days post-opt making that an expected home arrival around early December. Once he is medically released, both his Paris doctors and US surgeons are expecting him to require medical assisted air transport to safely fly. The total cost to transport him back home to the states is projected around $104,000.00, this is not including the bills from his over three weeks in the hospital.

“The extended international hospital stay, two surgeries, and medically necessary assisted air transfer are accumulating towering medical bills that Peick's international and US insurance policies will not cover 100% of. A longtime supporter of Road 2 Recovery, Peick is now in need of our support. Road 2 Recovery's board members have approved a grant to contribute to the funds needed to get Weston back home. The medical bills are projected to be far greater than his insurance and the R2R grant can cover. A R2R-Fund has been set up to get him back home. You can help support Weston by making a tax deductible donation here. All funds raised will go towards his substantial medical bills and the medical air transport.

“The Peick family's main goal is to get Weston back home to the States as safely as possible so he can get back to doing what he loves most, racing. Weston's road back to racing will be a long and difficult one; but one that will be achievable with the support from family, friends, and fans. Any contribution towards Peick's R2R-Fund is greatly apricated and will go a long way. He and his family are very grateful for all the love, prayer and positive thoughts everyone has sent his way.”


UPDATE NOVEMBER 20TH 9 AM | Kelly Cleland, Peick’s fiancée, posted an update from France that detailed the extensive nature of the injuries. At that time he was still in an induced coma and has at least ten fractures to his face plus swelling and bruising. On Tuesday, Peick underwent the first surgery to repair his jaw and allow him to breathe through his neck.

The family is now with Peick at the hospital in downtown Paris and will have more information as the treatment continues.