Well, we made it out of Minnesota. Even though the fourteenth round of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series was heavy on the action inside the stadium, the powerful April blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow outside of U.S. Bank Stadium might be what we remember most. Our walks around the outside of the building to talk with teams were somehow always into a 40 mile per hour wind, but we trekked through the conditions to keep tabs on what was happening with everyone for this recap. Let’s start reading…


By far the biggest news of the weekend was Friday’s announcement that a substance on the WADA Prohibited List was detected in a urine sample collected from Broc Tickle at the 2018 San Diego Supercross and that he is banned from competition by the FIM until further notice. We spoke with Roger DeCoster for an interview that’s posted on the site and it sounds like very little information is being shared by the FIM to Red Bull KTM. Tickle and KTM’s legal department were to file an appeal on Monday morning, but it does not sound like we’ll see the number 20 bike on the track any time soon.

Currently, there is very little information in terms of how long Tickle could be suspended for because the "standard" WADA punishment is four years, a term that fits the Olympic competition cycle. However, MotoGP racer Anthony West tested positive for this same substance, Methylhexanamine,  in 2012 and was banned from competition for eighteen months.


Yeah, this championship within a championship was news to us, too. We’ve been to all three rounds that featured the new format and we can’t recall a single mention of a “Triple Crown Championship” at Anaheim Two or Atlanta. It’s a cool idea, but at what point was it created? Because so much more could have been done to build hype and interest. Maybe if Feld or Monster adds a hefty bonus for winning this new championship, ala the old Vans Triple Crown of a bygone era, riders might be more interested in a format.


Since Martin Davalos will be on the sidelines for an extended period of time to heal from knee surgery, it sounds like Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki is going to bring amateur rider Garrett Marchbanks up to the pro scene at Hangtown. Marchbanks has been on a roll recently in the springtime amateur events, as he claimed the 250 A and Pro Sport titles at Freestone in Texas and was in the top three overall in 250 Pro, 450 Pro, and Open Pro at the Cal Classic over the weekend.

Joey Savatgy will lose 250 class eligibility at the end of this year’s Supercross series and is in the final year of his current contract with the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki squad. Although it’s still very early, we’re not sure where Savatgy could land in 2019. Would Payton add a 450 to his roster the same way he did for Broc Tickle in 2012 or will Savatgy have to sign with a new team?


We ran into the GEICO Honda rider at a Walgreens on Friday night and asked if he’d be on the line in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, McAdoo had a crash during his fourth day back on the bike and broke his scapula. This injury will keep him sidelined for the rest of the Supercross season and maybe the first month of the Nationals. McAdoo is in his final year of the current contract with GEICO Honda.


Props to Josh Osby for his season-best finish in Minnesota. The Club MX/Redemption Racing/RSR/KTM rider has a knack for getting out at the front of the field in a race but has been in some precarious situations this year, like the first-turn melee in Arlington. Osby told us it took a while for him to live incident down but that he had nowhere to go except for into the side of the finish line. Moving on from that though, Osby was solid in the Triple Crown and posted 9-6-9 scores for sixth overall.