In what could have became a deflated series with plenty of injuries to the field, it seems quite the opposite leaving Foxborough! Round 15 of the Monster Energy Supercross Series was all but deflated, in fact it may have been the most dramatic ending this year. We had our camera on us the entire day, so lets get into what we saw and heard in New England.


With Foxborough being a day race format, it's a great opportunity for the TV program to reach more eyes by airing on Fox. With these day race formats comes a 6:30am track walk, and you could see the effect on some of the riders and team members. It was also pretty cold, but there's no complaining when the past few rounds have been absolutely terrible weather.


As if there weren't enough injured riders coming into the deep end of the series, Kyle Peters' snow-caused torn ACL/MCL in Minneapolis was a total bad luck scenario that had him wondering if he would even race this weekend. Having barely ridden, with extra grip tape on his bike to help with bike feel, he found himself into the main via the LCQ after heat race issues. A great start in the main changed his entire day and he pushed forward the entire race to finish on the podium in third.


It would be tough to remember a time in Supercross or Pro Motocross that the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team was absent from the paddock. With Austin Forkner's crash and resulting collarbone injury, the team had no riders to compete in Foxborough. This makes it no surprise when you see the entry list in the 250 class totaling less than 40, automatically sending everyone who signed up straight into the night show. Regarding PC, we heard Saturday from French journalist Stephan LeGrand of LeBigUSA.com that they approached Cedric Soubeyras last week about a fill-in ride but he declined  to join PC to show loyalty to the HEP Suzuki team that has helped him out so much these last couple of weekends. We didn't hear word on their plan for the following two rounds yet, but it's certainly odd and unfortunate not having them in the paddock.


With the tough mix of soft and rutted track/jump faces (specifically the triple behind the starting gate) and the setting sunlight, many riders mentioned how tough the track was to tackle and it seems like there were a greater handful of wild crashes during the races. This was specifically the case with Kyle Cunningham's scary get off over the triple, which he described as a cross-rut while he blindly jumped into the sun. He miraculously came out with no major injuries but was one of a few riders that triple claimed. Everyone seemed to have mixed emotions regarding the day schedule, but were pretty uniform when they spoke about the harsh lighting and track conditions being really difficult. Solution? Unfortunately having a day race in an open-air stadium potentially benefits TV ratings, but might have to come with some sacrifices – setting sun being one of them. We'll see if they adjust the scheduling with these in the coming years, and trust they do everything they can to keep everyone safe each weekend.


Unless you live under a rock, you've seen the last lap incident and proceeding very tense post-race press conference that had Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac getting big things off their chest. Marvin remained apologetic that Eli went down, yet maintained that it was for the win and other riders (including Eli) have done the same thing to him. A reference to past incidences of take out moves shot Eli into a bit of a angry rant regarding AMA fines and when the line should be drawn, and he also referenced back to last year's Metlife Stadium alleged "team-assisting" drama. Visibly angered interactions and much more continued to make up the most intense post-race presser yet this year, and it's clear indication that these riders NEVER forget the past and racing brings out the highest form of their emotions. Hear our own post-race interviews HERE.


It's a shame that Jeremy Martin went down on lap one, because his speed was incredible as he mounted his charge forward and he could have inserted himself into the front runners group. The 4th place finish doesn't do the ride justice, and luckily for Martin he'll most likely carry his momentum outdoors where he's shined brightest in the past. Who's in to watch this 250 class all out slugfest starting in May? Us too!