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Dylan Ferrandis has released an update following his crash in 250 Main Event Two at the 2018 Atlanta Supercross. The Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star/Yamaha Factory Racing rider caught his left foot on a Tuff Block that lined the face of the triple jump and it caused him to lose control of the motorcycle. Ferrandis ditched the bike in the air and slammed into the landing of the triple on his feet, but appeared to hit his jaw on his knees. He quickly ran to the side of the track, was tended to by the Alpinestars Mobile Medical crew, and carted out of the stadium on the Mule.

We reached out to the team and David Vuillemin, riding coach for Ferrandis, on Saturday night and their initial statement was that the damage was extensive and that more would be known in the next few days. On Monday morning Ferrandis posted on Instagram and said that he broke his arm and teeth in the crash, but that he was unsure how bad the damage to his jaw his. He will head to his native France soon to visit with his doctors for a full evaluation.