Despite returning to Angel Stadium of Anaheim just two weeks after the opening round, there was no sense of deja vu on this day. For the first time ever, racers would face the Triple Crown format. With only 18 able to transfer directly to the main events, the pressure was on early in the day and this led to interesting results. Additionally, both Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin were back to their usual form and logged laps in the top five during the day. Still, in both classes, the biggest question was whether or not the three main event format would impact the results, and if so, who the winners and losers would be. It may not be Anaheim One, but the anticipation and excitement was almost as high.

250 SX Main Event One

The first holeshot of the night was a draw between Adam Cianciarulo and Joey Savatgy. Ultimately, Savatgy would claim the early lead with Christian Craig separating him from Cianciarulo. Behind them, Shane McElrath was quickly gaining ground. Further back was Aaron Plessinger and Justin Hill, who faced poor starts in the shortest main event of the night. Midway through the race, McElrath would make the move on Cianciarulo and began to close the gap quickly on Craig. Then with a minute left, Mitchell Oldenburg went to work on Cianciarulo and made the pass for fourth. Not far behind Cianciarulo, Plessinger had made several passes to move up in the running order. Up ahead, McElrath was looking to make a last lap pass on Craig, but lost his front end and gave up two spots. Savatgy meanwhile would take the checkered flag without contest.

250 SX Main Event Two

It looked as though Savatgy might nail the second start of the night as well, but Chase Sexton would edge him out with McElrath right there as well. McElrath immediately went for the pass and took the lead. Meanwhile, Savatgy went after Sexton with Craig on his rear fender. Both riders would make the pass, and then Sexton tucked his front end and allowed Plessinger and Cianciarulo by. The top five spread out considerably from that point on. Behind them, Oldenburg was working his way forward through the field. He worked his way up to seventh, followed by Phil Nicoletti, Justin Hill, and Kyle Chisholm. Oldenburg and Nicoletti would eventually get past Sexton. At the finish, McElrath would take the win with Savatgy and Craig behind him.

250 SX Main Event Three

The start to the third main event was almost identical to the second, but this time Sexton held onto his lead. Savatgy trailed him, with Chisholm in third early on. Craig was on the move and made several passes on the opening lap to grab third. Cianciarulo passed Chisholm a lap later and was right in the mix as well. Craig went after Savatgy, but was unable to make a pass stick. His battle with Savatgy allowed Cianciarulo to narrow the gap and catch up to the rear wheel of Craig. Further back, McElrath was working to overcome a poor start and had made his way up to seventh. Once there, he made a pass through the whoops on Hayden Mellross and had Oldenburg in his sights. At the five-minute mark, Cianciarulo was able to pull the trigger and get past Craig. On the same lap, Sexton clipped a tuff block and nearly sacrificed his lead to Savatgy, but the block rolled into the path of Savatgy, then Cianciarulo, then Craig. The gap between the top four was now much tighter. Oldenburg and McElrath had now caught the lead group as well. With a minute and a half left, Savatgy went for the lead and got Sexton. Cianciarulo took advantage and made his pass only two corners later. Sexton now had company from his teammate Craig. McElrath made the pass on Oldenburg and was right there in the mix behind Craig. The final lap was tight between all five riders and it seemed a pass was inevitable somewhere. McElrath made his pass two corners in to grab fourth, but the rest of the top five would hold. Savatgy narrowly claimed the win with his teammate Cianciarulo behind him. Sexton took third, McElrath finished fourth, and Craig ended in fifth.

450 SX Main Event One

Justin Brayton snuck around the outside to take the holeshot, but Cole Seely was quick to challenge for the lead. Weston Peick held down third place with Blake Baggett, Josh Grant, and Eli Tomac all within a short distance of one another. Cooper Webb, Ken Roczen, and Justin Barcia were soon in the mix as well. Barcia was the first to make a pass by going around Roczen. Then Tomac would make the move on his teammate Grant. At the halfway point, Jason Anderson recovered from a bad start and caught and passed both Marvin Musquin and Roczen on a charge forward. Musquin followed shortly and also passed Roczen. Anderson wasn't done there, as he then went on to pass Webb. At the same time, Baggett drove through the whoops to pass Peick for third. As time wound down, Anderson made yet another move forward, this time passing Barcia for seventh. From then on, the running order would remain. Seely put in a strong ride for first, with Brayton finishing second, and Baggett rounding out the podium in third.

450 SX Main Event Two

The second main event start appeared to be a drag race between Baggett and Tomac, but Vince Friese came around the outside to steal the holeshot. Friese then tucked the front end three corners later and Tomac inherited the lead. Baggett was caught up in the pack and this allowed Seely, Brayton, and Grant to get by. Peick was also in the mix just behind Baggett. Then, a tough block came loose and Baggett hit it, causing him to go over the bars. At the same time, Anderson had worked his way forward and was able to close up the gap on Peick. Then, Grant made the move on Brayton for third. Brayton then faced pressure from Peick, but Anderson was right there as well and got Peick. The move only stuck for half a lap though, as Peick responded and reclaimed the spot. Shortly after, both riders would make the pass on Brayton. Only a few laps later, Peick knifed his front end and was shuffled back four spots. This allowed Barcia a clear track to catch and pass Brayton. With a minute left, both Tomac and Seely and Anderson and Grant were locked in battle. Then on the second to last lap, Seely made a costly mistake that wouldn't allow him to make a move on Tomac. Meanwhile, Anderson pulled up alongside Grant in one of the long rhythm sections and grabbed third place.

450 SX Main Event Three

Tomac grabbed the final holeshot of the night with Brayton and Anderson right there alongside him. Anderson then took the second-place spot away from Brayton. Behind them was Webb and Peick, but Roczen hugged the inside of the whoops and tried to make a move on both riders. This forced Webb to double the triple and lose two positions. Four minutes later, Roczen would use the same move to pass Peick. Fifteen seconds later, Anderson made the move on Tomac for the lead. Meanwhile, Musquin pulled out of the race, which comes a week after he crashed out of the 2018 Houston Supercross. Minute after minute, the battle from fifth through eighth was hot, but no rider could close in on the other. That changed with two minutes to go, as Seely was able to get around Grant. However, from that point forward the race order was locked in. Tomac took the win and the triple crown overall as well, while Anderson's second-place finish earned him a third. Seely, despite finishing outside the top five at the end, grabbed second overall. Brayton's third-place finish was good enough to tie Anderson, but he lost the tie-breaker and would end up fourth overall.