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While leading the 450 Main Event at the 2018 Anaheim One Supercross, Eli Tomac made a mistake in a rhythm section, was sent flying sideways off of one jump, and slammed into the ground. Although he was quick to remount his Monster Energy Kawasaki motorcycle and initially lost only a few positions, his pace slowed substantially and seemed distracted by an issue. This turned out to be a problem with his pants, as both the buckle clasp and zipper came undone. After stopping in a turn to close the buckle, Tomac resumed riding at a much slower pace and then pulled out of the race completely a few laps later.

We spoke with the Monster Energy Kawasaki team on Saturday night and their initial statement was that Tomac suffered a contusion (bruise) to his left shoulder, which was the cause of the DNF, and that he would have it checked out this week.

On Monday morning the team told us that more information will come later in the week.

The crash can be seen in the highlights below, starting at the 50-second mark.