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Feld and DirtWurx just keep getting us excited for the upcoming 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series. First was the simple teaser shot of the Anaheim One layout, then came sketches for fifteen of the seventeen tracks. But now they’ve released the computer designs of the first five races (both Anaheim stops, one of the two San Diego races, Oakland, and Phoenix), all of which appear pretty bitchin’. Three of the four venues are built for baseball, which means lots of ninety-degree turns, but it looks like the designers tried to stay away from too many of the simple corners in the Oakland track. The Phoenix race will take place at the state of the art University of Phoenix Stadium and even includes a quick run outside and back in via two massive doors.

The rest of the designs (minus Daytona since it’s not a Feld race) will be released every Tuesday over the next few weeks.

2016 Anaheim One SX | Angels Stadium of Anaheim | January 9th

round 1 anaheim_1

2016 San Diego One SX | PetCo Park | January 16th

round 2 san diego

2016 Anaheim Two SX | Angels Stadium of Anaheim | January 23rd

round 3 anaheim

2016 Oakland SX | Coliseum | January 30th

round 4 oakland_0

2016 Phoenix SX | University of Phoenix Stadium | February 6th

round 5 glendale