Last Friday, Lauren Jauncey started a GoFundMe for female amateur surfer, Zoe Steyn after she got paid half the amount of her male counterpart for winning a contest. As pictured, Steyn got paid AU $4,000 while Rio Waida got paid AU $8,000. Both got first place in the competition.

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Photo: Courtesy Kelly Cestari/WSL

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) asked the Word Surf League (WSL) where the wage gap comes from. This was is what they gathered:

“The WSL argument comes down to the concept of prize-money-per-surfer, which it says shows the equality of pay between male and female competitors. It works like this: say there are 10 surfers competing for a total pot of $100 in prize money. That works out to a ratio of $10-per-surfer. The winner gets $50, and the runners up get the rest.

“Now say there is a female competition of five surfers. At the same ratio of $10-per-surfer, the total prize money is $50. The winner gets only $25.

“That was the case at the Ballito Pro, the WSL said. There were twice as many male surfers as female ones: 36 compared to 18. To keep the same money-per-surfer ratio for men and women, the prize money for the female winner had to be half as much as the men.”

WSL's Regional Manager, Will Hayden-Smith, told ABC Australia that “Men get double the prize money only because there are double the competitors.”

Check out Zoe Steyn’s GoFundMe to donate.

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