Shark attacks kayaker — don’t believe the hype

Hammerhead sharks have brought far more excitement to local television news crews than to the anglers who have been tangling with them all summer.

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The so-called Godzilla El Niño has brought warm water to Southern California, not to mention a cornucopia of sea life not normally seen in these parts. Anglers welcomed the record yellowtail run, tuna and even marlin.

The hammerhead sharks, though, have brought far more excitement to local television news crews than to the fishermen who have been tangling with them all summer, reports KAYAK FISH.

Hammerheads have been the subject of at least one viral video and even more nightly news hype this summer. Yet hammerheads are hardly known as man-eaters and one kayak angler, Dylan Marks, has stepped forward to set the record straight regarding the so-called “attack” he experienced in September.

In the video above, Marks says what local news reported as a shark attack was no more than a bungled release attempt: The shark’s thrashing head connected with Marks’ foot as he leadered the fish closer to his kayak. A deep gash in his foot and lots of blood caused responders on the beach to call in a helicopter to airlift Marks to the closest hospital.

hammerhead shark

A large hammerhead shark cruises near Dylan Marks’ kayak moments before taking a bait and ultimately causing a media frenzy.

The news was out. Shark attack! What followed was a media frenzy.

Marks decided to make the video to set the record straight. The video is his way of helping to dispel the misunderstandings and fear about sharks. The video was provided by <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> and you can find more information on their website. The organization can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook and is currently promoting the #RespectNotFear campaign.

<a href=””><img class=”wp-image-7804 size-full” src=”” alt=”beach_shot_shark_attack” width=”640″ height=”359″ /></a> Dylan’s kayak is watched over by his fishing buddy during the medevac operation. Local media outlets had a heyday with the alleged attack.

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