A Russian fisherman tries to hang on as his small boat capsizes, as seen in his screen grab. He had just netted a pike .

A Russian fisherman tries to hang on as his small boat capsizes. He had just netted a pike.

A Russian fisherman, no doubt excited over hooking a nice-sized pike, suddenly found himself going overboard when his boat slowly capsized seconds after netting the fish.

Alexey Bronchenko was fishing from a small aluminum boat on Suzdal Lake when the recent incident occurred. The fisherman was wearing a camera on his head and recorded the entire, embarrassing episode.

Bronchenko might not think it was funny at the time, but surely he appreciates the humorous aspect of the video. After all, he did post a 16-minute video of the fishing misadventure on YouTube.

Fortunately, The Telegraph provided a shortened version (via Newsflare), for your entertainment:

As you can see, Bronchenko hooked a pike and was reeling it in. Once he got the fish in the net, it appeared as if the small boat started taking on water from the rear and began sinking, leaving the fisherman with no other choice.

Bronchenko was forced to drop everything — the net with the fish in it and his fishing rod — and start swimming for shore.

The fisherman lost the fish, the net, two fishing rods, and a small tackle box. Once he reached shore, Bronchenko was exhausted. After catching his breath and sizing up the situation, he used a floating device that had drifted to shore to swim back out into the lake to retrieve a couple of items that were still floating on the water.

It isn't clear what happened next, but presumably he made it back to civilization on his own. In his video description, Bronchenko called it a "successful fishin' trip."

Uh, yeah, right.

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