Massive shark knocks kayak fisherman into water; struck ‘like a missile’

Wrong place, right time.

Kayak fisherman Devon de Lange is shown just before getting knocked into the water by a massive shark.

Kayak fisherman Devon de Lange is shown in this screen grab just before getting knocked into the water by a massive shark.

Kayak fisherman Devon de Lange found himself in a perilous position off the coast of South Africa while hooked up with a dorado. A massive shark was after his catch and he wound up being in the wrong place at the right time.

De Lange was kayak fishing with a friend off Salt Rock, a small town on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, when the harrowing encounter occurred.

“During a fight with a big dorado I saw a massive fin chasing the fish on the surface,” de Lange explained to Jukin Media. “The fish turned and headed straight at me. That was the scariest part — seeing a big shark heading in my direction like a missile.”

He attempted to let the fish go, “but I was too late,” he said.

A GoPro camera attached to the kayak caught de Lange's frightened and "what just happened?" reactions:

“The dorado went straight under my kayak — you see the splash of the fish just before the shark hits — and the shark followed,” de Lange said. “The problem was, I was in the way.”

Though you can't see the shark in the video, you can hear the loud collision as the kayak fisherman is knocked into the water. You can also momentarily see two of his three fishing rods drifting toward the ocean floor.

“All three of my fishing rods were lost, and I managed to get away with just a cut on my left thumb,” de Lange said.

Though a bit shaken, de Lange was undeterred. He borrowed a fishing rod from his friend and caught a 15-pound dorado, this time without a massive shark trying to catch it.

h/t The Telegraph

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