Capt. Ben Chancey, moments before being capsized.

In one of the wildest fishing scenes we've witnessed on video this year, a kayak angler hooks a large shark, loses and retrieves his rod, is capsized and swims like mad toward a nearby support boat, climbs back into the kayak, and ultimately catches the shark.

The angler is Capt. Ben Chancey, and the footage begins with the hookup, and the kayak being towed while Chancey tries in vain to keep his rod tip up. He lets go the first time, as the kayak teeters, to avoid being spilled into the water off Stuart, Florida.

<iframe width=”620″ height=”340″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/TsDUQpUfRzg?feature=player_detailpage” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

"Hey you lost the rod, bro!" someone on a nearby boat yells, as others on surrounding boats root for the angler.

Chancey's rod is fasted to a clip on the side of the kayak, which is why he's able to retrieve it after he lets go the first time, and again after the capsizing.

As viewers can see, the flailing shark is directly under the kayak when it tips over, helping to explain how Chancey can swim so quickly while wearing a bulky life vest.


Large shark is ultimately caught as angler and fish are tuckered out.

"He's still on," someone on the support boat shouts, in reference to the kayak being pulled around by the shark. "OK, jump back in."

Chancey, despite being tuckered out, complies, and soon has the shark, which appears to measure about 9 feet, alongside the kayak, completing the catch.

Presumably, the shark was set free and everyone went about their day.

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