An Australian fisherman survived "a near-death experience" in the hectic moments off the Queensland coast when the fishermen attempted to tag a marlin that had been reeled to the boat.

A fisherman presumed to be Dave Walker had battled the marlin and was instructing Ren Martin to quickly tag the fish. Damien Jackson, the leader man, had ahold of the line attempting to guide the marlin alongside the boat, but the marlin was still too hot to handle and had other ideas, as seen in the video:

In a split-second, the marlin jumped out of the water and cleared the backside of the boat with its spear heading straight for Jackson's head. Jackson instinctively ducked just in time.

He told it was "sheer luck."

"If it wasn't for my catlike reflexes, I'd have been in big trouble," he told "It was definitely one of those moments where you see your life flash before your eyes."

The fish snapped the line and was gone. It took the fishermen a moment to realize what had happened and that Jackson had just survived what described as "a near-death experience."

"First we thought, 'Holy moly, did that just happen?' Then the adrenaline came in and we all started crying and laughing, then we thought 'Did we get that on camera?' And we did," Jackson told

Indeed they did. Walker captured it on his head camera.

"I've taken it in stride," Jackson said. "I'm grateful it missed, of course, but I'm happy it's still swimming around."

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