Great white sharks are known to attack their prey from below and it was no different Saturday when one stole an easy meal off a fisherman's line behind a boat trolling for striped bass in Cape Cod Bay.

Hap Farrell, captain of Stunmai II Sportfishing out of Rock Harbor in Orleans, Massachusetts, happened to be videotaping out on Billingsgate Shoal when a great white shark went airborne while attacking a fish one of his clients was reeling in.

Earlier in the day, on another charter, a great white shark was less spectacular in stealing the fish from another client of Hap Farrell, leaving only a fish head. CBS Boston shares the story:

"It's not an unusual occurrence, but the fact that I had a video camera at the time, I was able to get the shot," Farrell told the Boston Globe. "You can't plan something like that.

"The fish just came right straight out of the water, with the fish in its mouth. It cut it right behind the gill plate, then it hit the water."

The fishermen let out a collective "whoa" when they saw the great white shark go airborne.

Earlier in the day, a female fisherman was left with only the head of a striped bass after an estimated 12-foot great white shark chomped down on the easy meal at the end of the line.

Here's Farrell's original Facebook video:

Farrell, a member of an association of Rock Harbor fishing charters, told that each fishing charter boat tends to see at least one shark a day, making for some challenging fishing to keep the catches from being snatched away.

But it can also result in some compelling video, as Farrell proved.

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