Former pro surfer Todd Kline goes fishing with former NBA champion Brian Shaw

Three-time NBA champion Brian Shaw can fish.

Todd Kline is a former pro surfer who is now one of the best bass fisherman around. Being from Florida, fishing is in his blood and he’s turned out to be quite the competitor.

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Being a former pro surfer, an elite-level bass fisherman and a World Surf League commentator, Kline certainly has a rolodex of friends that most don’t. Like three-time NBA champion Brian Shaw for instance. On a recent episode of “Stoked On Fishing”, Kline takes Shaw out for some bass fishing and the day did not disappoint.

The two have a healthy competition, with them each catching a few fish throughout the excursion. Shaw talks about life experiences, how he got into fishing and what it means to him. While Kline talks about some of the more technical aspects of fishing that he’s so adept at.

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While Shaw may be no Shane Victorino, the former Los Angeles Laker certainly has some chops and holds his own against Kline.

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