Out for a day of fishing in Australia, a couple from Perth was forced to abandon ship when an electrical box in the cabin of their 45-foot yacht burst into flames.

The unidentified pair, estimated to be in their 50s or 60s, departed from Two Rocks north of Perth and were fishing along the coastline when the man smelled smoke, Lancelin Police officer-in-charge Steve McCrey told Western Australia Today.

The man went to check the electrical box in the cabin.

“Once he opened it and the air got to it, it’s just taken hold and he turned the boat immediately toward shore,” McCrey said. “He asked the woman to go to the bow of the boat to be out of harm's way.”

The man suffered first-degree burns to his hands, arms and face. He managed to beach the yacht a little more than a mile north of Guilderton.

Fortunately they were less than a mile offshore when the fire erupted. It was unclear when exactly the couple exited the yacht, which was completely destroyed.

Senior Constable Allan Mallard told Perth Now that the couple was lucky to escape, adding that the Department of Fire and Emergency Services were at the scene for three hours and estimated the damage at $150,000.

Lancelin Police had one message to impart over the ordeal: “Please check your electrics regularly before putting to sea.”

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