Two fishermen aboard the Marlin Darlin narrowly avoided disaster when the 350-pound blue marlin hooked by the angler decided to land itself, jumping into the boat and barely missing the wireman and knocking the angler to the deck. Both were lucky to have eluded the swinging bill.

The angler is Wahoo Barfield and the man wiring the fish is Chris (last name unknown), according to Beecher Jacobsen, who posted the original video (at bottom) that was taken by his dad, Bobby Jacobsen, on Thursday morning.

Watch how dangerously close the swinging bill of the marlin comes to the two fishermen in this Fox News report:

Usually, marlin are released alive, but Fox News anchor Heather Childers reported that this one died of self-sustained injuries, so it was donated to local fishermen.

The Marlin Darlin fishermen are from Clearwater, Florida. They fished Friday and planned to return to the states over the weekend, according to Beecher, who relayed some of the details via email to GrindTV Outdoor.

We will add more details and photos once we hear back from boat caption Eddie Wheeler and the others.

Here is the original video posted on YouTube by Beecher (warning for one expletive):