In the wake of Hurricane Nicole, a fisherman in Bermuda made a surprising catch over the weekend while night fishing for grey snapper from the rocks. He hooked a monster lobster.

Tristan Loescher of Hamilton, Bermuda, was hand-line fishing with a live white grunt for bait when he landed a 14-pound lobster, Capt. Matthew Jones of Sanctuary Marine told Bernews.

"We got incredibly lucky and hooked it in the toe," Jones said. "We have video proof of how it was caught and released. We only pulled it carefully up on land to get the hook out."

Loescher held the lobster up for photos before returning it to the ocean. It was unlike any he had caught while diving for lobsters over the past 15 years. Typically the lobsters he catches are under five pounds.

“Never in my life have I seen anything this big,” Loescher told “I think never in my life will I see one this big again.”

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Meanwhile, he and his buddy are being mum over where it was landed.

“It was caught in a location that I am unwilling to disclose for the beautiful creature's safety, which is why it was released,” Jones told Bernews.

Many commenters on the Sanctuary Marine Facebook page were happy to learn the lobster was released, though at least one hoped it would have been donated to an aquarium. Loescher contemplated doing that but couldn’t reach anybody at the aquarium, hence his decision to release it.

According to FOX 5, the lobster wasn't close to a world record, reporting that the Guinness World Record for largest lobster caught was over 44 pounds.

Nevertheless, Loescher was clearly happy with his "big bug" but not the timing, writing on Facebook, "Kinda wish I caught it a day later, in the lobster tournament."

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