It’s easy to understand why fishermen sometimes become bored while sitting on a boat or resting on the shore, waiting for what seems an eternity for something to bite. The mind wanders, thoughts drift … and sometimes crazy ideas are hatched.

For example, YouTube user ImBFishin decided that he’d like to troll for muskies in his car, with fishing rod outstretched over a river, and with a mounted camera documenting his attempt at making what might be muskie history. (We’ve shortened the video but the entire version, which includes more commentary from the angler, can be viewed here.)

Has this ever been done before? We have no idea, but this could be the first time it was even tried.

Not only did ImBFishin manage to hook a respectable muskie, he scrambled out of the car and down the bank to reel in his prize, and back up the bank to pose with it in front of the camera. Ultimately, he let the fish go.

(We’re assuming this catch is legit. Note the gills moving as the fish is being displayed inside the car.)

“Definitely a first time for everything,” the angler says in the video. “Not a huge one, but out of a car window? I doubt many people have caught a muskie out of a car window while trolling.”

Like we said, we’re not sure anyone else has even thought to try.