Fishermen from Virginia were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle a few miles off Biscayne Bay, Florida, on Thursday when a huge mako shark leaped out of the water with a sailfish in its mouth.

Capt. Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 fishing charter out of Miami Beach has been taking fishermen out for 50 years and has never seen anything like it.

“This 500-pound shark was all the way in the air with a 60-pound sailfish in his mouth, like a dog with a bone,” Smith told NBC Miami.

Deckhand Abie Raymond, who shared the above video on Facebook, called it an “unreal mako shark attack on our sailfish.”

“Coolest thing I’ve seen in my career thus far!!!!” Raymond wrote.

The fishermen — Tommy Sibiga, Blakely Smith and Michael Chenault — were equally ecstatic.

“I was lucky to even have the phone up,” one of them told NBC Miami. “Most exciting trip of my life.”

A mako shark puts on quite a show near Biscayne Bay, Florida, for fishermen from Virginia.

A mako shark puts on quite a show near Biscayne Bay, Florida, for fishermen from Virginia.

One of the fishermen had hooked the sailfish, which was attacked immediately from below by the mako shark. It sailed into the air much to the delight of the fishermen.

What NBC Miami, the New York Daily News, Breitbart, Marlin magazine and others failed to report was what happened next.

Sibiga posted a video on Vimeo that gives an extended version of the story, explaining in his description, “Catching a sailfish, shark eating sailfish, using sailfish as bait, and then catching the mako.”

As you can see in his video, once the fishermen reeled the mangled, half-eaten carcass of the sailfish to the boat, the mako continued chomping on the fish.

Eventually, they brought what was left of the sailfish on board and then cut off a chunk. They baited a hook with it, tossed it out and hooked the mako shark.

Blakely is identified as the one who fights the mako shark, which puts on another spectacle by jumping completely out of the water with a full flip, as mako sharks are known to do.

What happened after that is unclear. But what is certain is that they experienced a fishing trip that they won't soon forget.

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