No doubt a response to all the outrage that's lit up the social media channels in the past week in regards to certain riders not being invited to X Games Brazil [cough, Corey Bohan, cough], [Hoffman Sports Association] and Mat Hoffman (via Facebook link) posted this brief explanation of what (but not who) makes up the X Games Invite Committee.

What do you think about the invite list and the secret committee? Leave your comments below.


X Games BMX Invite Committee

“The X Games BMX Invite Committee is a group led by the Hoffman Sports Association and is independent of ESPN. The committee is made up of 8 people who are actively involved with BMX Freestyle and who each have more than 20 years' experience in BMX Freestyle. The Hoffman Sports Association does not release the names of committee members as to prevent riders, team managers, sponsors, etc. from trying to influence a committee member's vote.

“The committee reviews competition results of the past 12-18 months, as well as, video parts and other current riding examples to invite the best riders for each specific course for each event. The invite list for the 2013 X Games events reflect the very best talent in BMX Freestyle today. Of course, there are many extremely talented riders who are not on the list, but there are only 8 invite spots for BMX Big Air and Dirt, and 10 invite spots for BMX Park, Street and Vert.”

2013 X Games Brazil Invite List BMX Invites
BMX Big Air
1. Steven McCann
2. Zack Warden
3. Kevin Robinson
4. Chad Kagy
5. Morgan Wade
6. Vince Byron
7. Colton Satterfield
8. Andy Buckworth
Alternate 1 – Douglas Leite
Alternate 2 – Austin Coleman

BMX Dirt
1. Ryan Nyquist
2. TJ Ellis
3. Dennis Enarson
4. Mike "Hucker" Clark
5. Kyle Baldock
6. Ben Wallace
7. Luke Parslow
8. Brandon Dosch
Alternate 1 – Chris Doyle
Alternate 2 – Colton Satterfield
Alternate 3 – Alejandro Caro

BMX Park
1. Scotty Cranmer
2. Ryan Nyquist
3. Pat Casey
4. Dennis Enarson
5. Drew Bezanson
6. Kyle Baldock
7. Daniel Dhers
8. Gary Young
9. Daniel Sandoval
Chase Hawk (injured)
10. Morgan Wade
Alternate 1 – Diogo Canina
Alternate 2 – TBD

BMX Vert
1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Vince Byron
3. Simon Tabron
4. Steven McCann
5. Chad Kagy
6. Austin Coleman
7. Francisco "CoCo" Zurita
8. Mykel Larren
9. Dennis McCoy
10. Zack Warden
Alternate 1 – Douglas Leite
Alternate 2 – Colton Satterfield