Here’s a rad one from the Wolfmac BMX Jam that went down up in Alberta, Canada the other weekend. According to the Northern Embassy, these are the old Shake the Lake contest ramps that are now surrounded by cornfields and farms. Despite it being in a less than typcial location, it looks like the ramps are settling into their new home nicely and there was no shortage of riders that turned out for a day of riding and good times. Check out the highlights from Tyler Horness, Carson Donovan, Rojas Roy, Josh Vibe, Joe Weidman, Darcy Peters, Travis Kozie, Devin Szmata, Mark Stanway, Andrew MacLeod, Kyle Wachter, and Ted Bambrick!

#wolfmacbmxjam 2018 near sylvan lake, full of good times and shake the lake ramps
Calvin harris – Pray to god

Filmed and edited by Andrew MacLeod