Team DK/Right Guard Xtreme Sport rider Colin Winkelmann suffered the worst crash of his career this week during a contest at Travis Pastrana?s home in Maryland.Colin bailed from higher than twenty feet in the air and broke both of his ankles and his left wrist upon impact. He is having surgery on all three breaks today.

Pastrana’s contest awarded $2,000 to the rider/filmer team that captured the craziest video clip at his Maryland home. Colin and fellow pro Nate Wessel constructed a 6-foot high, moving launch ramp and landing on top of a full size van. Colin pulled a similar stunt with a moving go-kart ramp for a DC Shoes ad. Test runs went well with the van parked and Colin pulled the highest flip of his life. Unfortunately once moving, the van traveled too fast, causing Colin to completely miss the landing. “I was praying that I’d catch the landing, but knew I wouldn’t so I threw my bike,” he explained. He landed on both feet and the impact broke both of his ankles. The harsh landing pushed him backwards and broke his wrist. He was rushed to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

Despite being in extreme pain and depressed about his injuries, Colin seemed to be in good spirits. Not only did he describe his crash in explicit detail, he talked about other stunts gone wrong at Pastrana’s, including one where somebody jumped a 1000cc street motorcycle completely over Pastrana?s 50-foot foam pit. “We watched it on video and the guy was ten feet above Travis’s barn,” Colin explained. “They wheeled him into my room here in the hospital so we could meet. Somehow he only broke his leg.”

Doctors have told Colin that he’ll remain in the hospital for five more days. He can receive mail at the following address.

University of Maryland Medical Center
Colin Winkelmann, Patient room 42 6th Floor
22 South Green St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

Anyone familiar with Colin Winkelmann knows that his BMX career has been filled with tremendous highs and lows. He was the first rider to ever win an ESPN street contest. Colin won the 1996 Destination Xtreme amateur street contest at South Padre Island, Texas, and turned pro the following day. Colin also holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest BMX jump on a 20″ bike at over 116 feet and thirteen SUV’s. A less flattering feat is his ongoing worst crash award in ESPN’s Xtreme Bloopers TV show. He’s suffered six knee surgeries and has a synthetic ACL in his knee. Colin is also the longest standing member of the DK team with 11 years of sponsorship.

2004 had been one of Colin’s best years to date. He qualified first at the ESPN CFB at Woodward West and had an even better run going at the most recent Vans Triple Crown event in Denver. Unfortunately that run ended with a bad crash and Colin left the event on a stretcher. He suffered a separated shoulder and his riding was finally back up to par at Pastrana’s. Ironically while being x-rayed after this latest crash, doctors learned that Colin had fractured his L3 vertebrae during that previous crash in Denver.

On behalf of everyone at DK Bikes and Axis Media, we wish Colin the best and a steady recovery.