The crew at 5050 Skatepark sat Augie Simoncini to have him tell us a little bit about how he got into riding, his dogs and how he got to where he is today.

Augie talks about real life shit in this interview. His Dogs, how he started riding. Meeting Scotty Cranmer and Garrett Reynolds at lakewood and how that changed his life. Getting banned from Germany. Not taking an Fire Fighter Job in NYC for Deadline. Getting his teeth fixed in Mexico , Cleaning shit for his Grandfather pidgins Riding for Fiend, Playing Baseball over seas, and Peter pan. Its wild. Enjoy! And remember sharing is caring.

What’s Your Story is an Interview series by 5050 Skatepark to spotlight some Local Neighborhood Super Hero’s here in New York City. Filmed by Cameron Robbins Edit by Ed Pollio, Dom Simoncini” – 5050 Skatepark