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This month’s issue is packed to the gills with bangin’ photos and articles. There’s a full-length Eric Lichtenberger interview, a Chicago scene report, a 2-Hip trip, and interview with an old school collector, Corey Bohan, Geoff Slattery, new products, and more…


On The Cover: Always one to find the next overlooked obstacle to ride, Eric Lichtenberger busts an air on a lazy tree only a block from his house. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

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– Departments –

First Words
Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan reflects on one of this month’s features and marvels at Jeff Haney’s knowledge of (and passion for) the old school and vintage BMX world.

Ruben Alcantara scores a spread while roasting a backyard pool and proving once again that he can stand the test of time.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…the month’s news in a nutshell.

Pro Q&A – Geoff Slattery
Geoff answers the questions you asked. Topics include going fast and smooth, big gaps, filming, goals, inspiration, and trends.

Frames, forks, bars, cranks, stems, and more…Fresh metal, hot from the paint shop.

Soft Goods
New shirts, jackets, and hats from Fit, Kink, Subrosa, Fox, S&M, Odyssey, and Animal.

Sean Sexton lets you know what’s on his iPod, and the Colony and Caliwumpus DVDs get reviewed.

JJ Palmere, Micky Marshall, Christian Rigal, Reed Stark, Dan Conway, Augie Simoncini, and Darryl Tocco all drop hammers for the sake of the photo.

Bio – Brandon Kitson
Allow us to introduce you to yet another New Jersey shredder who calls The Incline Club home…

This month Ryan gives some honest answers, some smartass answers, and even gives away a helmet. It was a good month at the mailbox…

Finish – Corey Bohan
Did you know Corey always wanted to be a cartoonist? Well now you do. And you’ll learn even more about him after reading this month’s Finish…

– Features –

Eric Lichtenberger Interview – A Bona Fide BMX Beach Bum
From pizza and candy to surfing and stolen cars, get to know Eric L. in his first major interview. There’s definitely a lot going on behind the unique brakeless/pegless riding you’ve come to know and love.

Limopalooza – A Luxurious Trek Across The Southwest With 2-Hip
A road trip in a limo? Sounds sick, right? Well, let’s just say some things sound better than they actually are, and every road trip is always an adventure.

Hi, My Name Is Jeff Haney – The Biggest Collection In BMX And The Man Behind It All
You’ve heard of guys collecting old school and vintage BMX stuff, but trust us, you’ve never seen anything like this. No, really…it’s absolutely insane.

The Crust Of Chicago – The Top, Bottom, Ins, And Outs Of The Chicago, Illinois, Scene
We aren’t sure what’s more impressive about this scene report—the riders and the photos they produced, or the fact that Brian Kachinsky managed to squeeze in one of his signature bad jokes.

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