Back in 1985, the original owner, brother of the current owner Richard, saw the name on the side of a truck. Odyssey. Legend has it that they created the logo in black and white and gave it to his kid to color in. That logo is the logo we now call “retro,” Aaron Ross’ favorite one.
– Jim Bauer

Premium Products
We wanted a name that stood for an elite group of products. Someone in the room said, “You need a name that’s more of a Premium level…” We all latched onto Premium. End of story.
– Tony Degollado


Back in the day, we produced a shirt with the print “Kinky Huge Elephant” on it because everybody asked us about the meaning of “KHE.”

But the truth is, KHE is just a shortcut of our hometown, Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe (KHE) is a city with 300,000 inhabitants and a lot of history. In 1817 the first bicycle was invented from “Freiherr von Drais” and it was called the “Draisine.” The first car was built in Karlsruhe, too. It was in the year 1886 and Carl Benz (from Daimler-Benz) manufactured the first automobile.

For 20 years now, we have been producing BMX parts and complete bikes. KHE started in 1988.
– Thomas Göring

The first KHE logo drawn by Thomas.

Well, thinking back I wanted a simple and clean name that was hard to forget. Like Fit is a word you have to say often, as in “the perfect fit,” etc. There’s also the play on it F-IT, that was a cool extra to it. At first it seemed weird, but combining the team, logo, and name, it all fit (no pun intended). This postcard is our first product we had done that got the ball rolling, and the rest is history…
– Robbie Morales

The Shadow Conspiracy
Going back 8 years, when we all decided we wanted to do a new brand that was more about being a part of group then a company, we knew we wanted an unconventional name and icon.

As many of you might have already read before, we are huge fans of Alfred Hitchcock and wanted a name that could be built around his artistic style and his skill in story telling. He was amazing at showing the blood, never the stabbing, allowing you, the viewer, to fill in the blanks. These thoughts lead us on the path to find the name for our company/crew.

The journey to find this new name started off with just Shadow, and next came Conspiracy, then for good measure “The”, haha.

Once we all discussed the idea for the name, it was hands down perfect in our eyes. And as the old saying goes, the rest was history.
– Ron Bonner

This is not the very first printed piece we did for Shadow but the second one. But as you can see our logo is basically the same from day one and will be so till the end! – Ronnie B.


First, let’s get this straight—it’s pronounced AL-BEEEZ. If I could go back in time to 1968 when the original owner started this place I’d ask him to put the little straight line (to indicate a long vowel sound) over the e but I can’t so I’m stuck having half the customers think this little slice of heaven is called Alb’s…not that either one is better. Whatever, play the hand you’re dealt, I guess.

As for the name, the story that’s been handed down to me is that of the very first owner, a fellow named Bob Albertson, way back before I (or probably anyone reading this) was even considered, set out to open his new bike shop in beautiful Detroit, Michigan, and like any good business man, rented a little building and started painting his new logo on the side well before he had the name “officially” registered with the city. He obviously wanted to make sure no one would miss it, so he climbed the ladder and proceeded to make the letters as big as possible and by the time Mr. ALBErtson had gotten to the e, he was at the back door (and out of room). Being a good business man sometimes means making tough decisions so the decision was made: rather than buy a lot more paint and start over, why not just add a tiny apostrophe-S? Albertson’s Bike Shop was now just “Albe’s”.

This is the story that his first partner passed along to me, so I have no reason not to believe it…and this kind of dumb stuff can’t be made up.
– Todd @ Albe’s

The company, Profile Racing, Inc. actually got its beginning back in 1968 when owner, Jim Alley acquired majority ownership of A & H Racing Engineering. A & H was a successful automotive speed shop in New Jersey that handmade custom racecars and dragsters. Shortly after the stock buyout, Alley wanted the company name to reflect more of the direction he was preparing to take his new business. It was while reading a dragster magazine that the title of a feature article caught his eye and his imagination. The title of the article was "Drag Race Profile". Not long after Alley put the magazine down, A & H Engineering officially became "Profile Racing, Inc." However, it was almost a decade later that Profile Racing, Inc. began manufacturing high-end BMX bicycle parts. Those first parts were two chromoly crank arms for his son, Corey. The quality of the crank arms in the 70s could not take the stress that BMX riders put on their bikes. The crank arms Alley made were strong and did not flex. He cut down an automobile steering post and duplicated the 48-spline design on the opposite end to act as the bottom bracket spindle. The rest is history. The 48-spline spindle design is now the bottom bracket spindle standard and Profile Racing, Inc. has grown from that small New Jersey speed shop into the world famous bike component company it is today. All BMX/MTB components manufactured by Profile Racing, Inc. are produced in the U.S.A. at Profile Racing's own plant in St. Petersburg, Florida. Profile chromoly crank arms and chromoly spindles still carry a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
– Charlie Fernandez