Here’s your chance to get all the details on Trey Jones‘ new bike after he recently got on Subrosa. He’s got a signature Subrosa Wild Child frame with more classic style geometry, along with no pegs, metal pedals, and his Shadow seat is a sick throwback to the one and only Nightwolf himself, Mike Aitken.

Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: 230 lbs.
Location: Longwood, Florida
Sponsors: Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, Vans, Dirty Dancing soundtrack

Frame: Subrosa Wild Child, 21″
Fork: Subrosa Battle
Bar: Subrosa Ray, 9.5″
Grip: Shadow Ole Dirty
Stem: Shadow Treymone
Headset: Shadow Stacked
Cranks: Shadow Killer
BB: Shadow Stacked
Pedals: Shadow Ravager, metal
Sprocket: Shadow Jesco, 32T
Chain: Shadow
Seat: Shadow Nightwoof [Penumbra Pivotal Jones series 7]
Front Wheel: Shadow Symbol hub, Shadow Truss rim
Rear Wheel: Shadow Symbol cassette, Shadow Truss rim
Tires: Shadow Valor, 2.2″

How's the full Subrosa/Shadow set up feeling? This is your new signature 'Wild Child' frame right?
Kickass!!! Yeah, it’s my new signature from with Subrosa! It’s no crazy 18″ geometry, just normal 75 headtube and 13.5″ rear end. It’s got the grindguards built in the chainstays and the pierced toptube to give it a little extra badassness!

How do you like your bike set up?
Nothing crazy, I’m not picky. My bars are 9.5″ and I ride a 21″. No pegs. I recently went back down to 2.2" tires and I’m really feeling it. Can’t handle the 2.5" tires.

Explain the intro to your Lock In part…
Props baby! I wanted to do something a little different then just a straight forward Lock In. I was lucky enough to work with James Cox that made it come to life!

What are your top 5 VHS video parts in no particular order?
Props 43 T1/FBM contest section, Joe Rich, etnies Forward, Dave Young Nowhere Fast, Brian Foster American Muscle, Kris Bennett Demolition video.

What was your most watched issue of Props and what was in it?
Issue 39, Ralph Sinsi bio was ripping!

What's the best song that's ever been used on a section?
Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, Davey Watson in the Shola video

Are there any songs that you feel are so sacred that they should never be used on a section?
Any Motörhead or Slayer is too much for anyone to live up to I feel. It’s so fast and heavy that no one can ride that gnarly—besides Dave Young of course.

Bearing in mind your taste in music, Floridian connection, interest in mid-school BMX and life choices, would you say that you describe yourself as a modern-day reincarnation of Jeff Harrington?
I’m nothing compared to Jeff! I wish I were!

How many days a year do you wear trousers?
Only when I have to. Hopefully 0 days a year.

Explain your connection to Ron Steezy. Would you like to see him have a Lock In part?
RON DOG! I know Ron through Scotty Cranmer. I’d love to see him and Big Boy have a split Lock In!

What are your favorite things about Hastings?
Hot donuts.

What don't you like about Hastings?
The weather.

Explain the thought behind your Source T-shirt and patch for those who don't know…
It’s a rip off of the band DEATH. They are a metal band from Altamonte Springs, FL.

How was it being locked underground for five days?
Fantastic! The weather is beautiful underground! It never rains!

What's next for you?
Subrosa team trip to Atlanta for two weeks. The whole Shadow/Subrosa squad in a house is gonna be radical! Be on the look out for a video dropping soon!

Any thanks?
Thanks Jesco and my Trans Am. Y’all kickass! And Ronnie B., Ryan Sher, Jerry Badders. You guys are cool, too.

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