After a little hibernation in the woods of Oregon, the Mac is back in LA and ready to take the streets by storm. Shawn McIntosh just built up a fresh Trans Apple Green Fit Mac V2 frame and his ride is chock-full of signature parts from Fit and Primo. Peep the bike that only does bangers…

Age: 28
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lbs.
Location: K-Town, LA
Sponsors: Fit Bike Co., Primo, Lotek, Trip, Goods, FP Insoles, Molly Water, ILLIVINATIBOYS


Frame: Fit MAC 21"
Fork: Fit Fk
Bars: Fit BiG MAC
Stem: Fit Aitken
Grips: PrimoMAC
Barends: ARBOC
Headset: Primo
Clamp: Integrated, 6mm bolt
Seatpost: Primo Tripod
Seat: Primo MAC
Pedals: Fit MAC
Cranks: Primo Pro 170mm
Sprocket: Primo JJ 25-tooth
Chain: Primo Half-link
Front Tire: Fit FAF 2.25"
Front Wheel: Primo
Rear Tire: Fit FAF 2.25"
Rear Wheel: Primo
Pegs: Primo

You were living back in Oregon for the last year or so. What prompted the long over due move back to LA? And how is being back?
Well, I can never get enough of Oregon… I usually just travel home for more than a normal period of time in the summer and keep a place down here in LA. But this time I just took all my stuff up and decided to just get back in touch with my roots—ride skate parks, dirt jumps, dirt bikes, camp, go rafting—all the outdoor activities you wouldn’t normally get to indulge in stuck in the concrete jungle. I resided up there longer than expected, but it was well needed and I’m ready to be back in the California sun shine riding all these fun setups my friends and I get to find on our city life adventures!

How does being up in LA compare to when you were in Long Beach?  
Well, I can tell one thing… a lot more pedaling going on. Long Beach is amazing. Living on the beachfront was fresh, as well. But K-Town is like centrally the best place to be. Any direction I leave my house it’s literally littered with stuff to ride! I miss that fresh ocean breeze coming through the windows at night though!

What are you currently working on and what projects do you have in the
pipeline for 2016?
I'm currently working on Trip Mixtape part, Primo grip web joint, my Lotek V2 MAC shoe promo, and my Fit V2 MAC frame promo, and a RideBMX Pro Part, so you’ll see me out and about I’m sure!

Tell us a little about the Fit V2 Mac frame, what are some changes?
Oh man, the first one did so good. I kept it running for over four years. But I like stability and everyone seems to have really short rear ends in this new tech jib era, so I figured I’d lengthen mine just a hair, and raised the bottom bracket up just a smidge and of course the graphics, which Eben absolutely killed it on! I couldn’t be more psyched with the way it turned out overall! Comes in black, Green Apple, and FRiCKiN GOLD!

The graphics look dope. Eben Fischer did them, right? How does that whole process work?
I just hit Eben up and said I’d be honored if he’d do the graphics on my new frame and he was down! All of his work I’ve ever seen anywhere has always stood out to me so I felt instantly blessed. The Cement Face stuff is sick and all hand made, I’ve been rocking one of the wallets forever and it’s still holding strong!!

Last time we did a bike check you had two metal pegs and a cassette. What happened?
Evolution… I really like doing rocket manuals while cruising the streets so the two pegs in the back is mandatory now. And the coaster is silent through the streets so it doesn’t spook people until you already pass them. I like it stealth.

What are some preferences for your bike set up? What makes it your ride?
Well, I don’t do anything to any of the parts because everything is perfect straight out the box. But I like my spokes tight and I like my tires about medium size, seat not too high. Bars level with the forks. Back wheel slammed in the dropouts and that’s how I roll.

Setup or part wise, what was the last thing you changed up that you're really hyped on?
I’m really hyped on my new frame. It’s just really designed for every type of riding whether it’s street, dirt, or park.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
The alignment on my stem, forks, bars, tire—gotta be straight as an arrow.

Are you willing to experiment with new parts and mix things up, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true?
Well, I’ve done my fair share of testing and I’m always up for putting new stuff to the test. I like my tried and trues though.

How long do you typically ride a bike before building a new one? Do you switch out parts as they go? Or just build a whole fresh kit?
The last one was a sample so I rode it for over a year. But it all depends…. if a new color comes out or something. Other than that, the bike will last forever… I mean come on… It’s a MAC bike.