From Woodward, to the X Games, to the streets of Ohio, and beyond, Jeremiah Smith's GT Smith is built for all around abuse and rounded out with GT and Merritt parts.

Name: Jeremiah Smith
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 170
Location: State College, PA
Sponsors: GT Bikes, Triple 8, 5050 BMX, Lee House tattoos, fifteen52

What I Ride - Jeremiah Smith

Frame: GT Smith
Fork: GT Smith
Bars: Merritt Brian Foster bars
Stem: Merritt Inaugural top load
Grips: Merritt Cross Check
Barends: Merritt Insert
Seatpost: Merritt
Seat: Merritt SL1
Pedals: Merritt P1
Cranks: GT Smith
Sprocket: Merritt Mighty
Chain: Shadow half link
Front Tire: Demolition Momentum
Front Wheel: Demolition rim and hub, Gsport MJ3 guard both sides
Rear Tire: Demolition Momentum
Rear Wheel: Demolition rim and hub, Primo Freemix drive side
Pegs: Primo PL V2

Describe this bike for us… What makes it your ride?
I run my bars a bit more forward because I can't bend my wrist back that much anymore so it helps with some tricks. I also run 30 to 35 psi in my tires to help cushion and I cut my bars to 28 1/4." I also run my seat higher then most because I can’t do barspins with a low seat

On a scale of one to ten, ten meaning you love it, how much do you like working on your bike?
Like a 9. I love working with my hands and building stuff. I also like my bike set up a certain way.

How long do you typically ride a bike before building a new one? Do you switch out parts as they go? Or just build a whole fresh kit?
I typically get new parts once a month like bars, fork, chain, hub guards, but sometimes a whole new bike

What parts do you change out the most often?
I change out bars and forks the most because I’m scare of them breaking from how much stress I put on them.

Are you willing to experiment with new parts and mix things up, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true?
I’m not a fan of experimenting with new parts because when I do it messes with my head and makes my bike feel so weird and then I start to tell my self I can’t do tricks.