While Jason Watts has plenty of cutting edge moves in his deep bag of tricks, he’s got a bunch of classic tricks as well—making him a perfect fit to be riding the Haro Master Reissue—a classic frame with a modern twist. Check out his Haro Master reissue built up with Haro Lineage and Shadow Conspiracy parts.

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Sponsors: Haro, Vans, The Shadow Conspiracy

What I Ride - Jason Watts

Frame: 1986 Haro Master, reissue, 21"
Fork: Haro Lineage
Bars: Haro Nyquist, prototype, 9.5" / 29"
Stem: Haro Lineage
Grips: Shadow Chula
Barends: Shadow Dead Bolt
Headset: Shadow Stacked
Seatpost: Haro Lineage
Seat: Shadow Trey Jones Penumbra series 5
Pedals: Shadow Ravager PC
Cranks: Haro Group1, 175mm
Sprocket: Haro Team, 28-T
Chain: Shadow Supreme
Front Tire: Shadow Welterweight 2.3"
Front Wheel: Shadow Corvus rim, Shadow Raptor Hub and guard
Rear Tire: Shadow Welterweight 2.3"
Rear Wheel: Shadow Raptor freecoaster LHD, Shadow Corvus rim, S.O.D plastic guard
Pegs: Shadow S.O.D

Tell us about the Haro Master Reissue frame you’re riding, what is the geometry like and how does it ride?
Of course it's going to feel a little bit different because of the double top tube frame, but once you get use to that it just feels like a normal frame because the geometry is the same as a Haro SD frame which is the frame I usually run

You do a lot of decades and cancan stuff… does the double toptube ever interfere or get in the way for you?
No, not at all. The only time it would get in the way is if I was doing a tabletop because it would hit my shin, but got used to that.

I'm really diggin' your bars. How long have you been running them and how do they feel?
They actually feel really good. I wasn't sure about the whole 4-piece bars, but they have grown on me and I'm stoked on them, they just feel like normal bars for me now. I love them.

The slammed seat… fashion, function, or comfort?
I run it super slammed because I've always set up my bike like that ever since I started riding. That's the way I like it and also it's good for look backs because one day I raised my seat and my leg got caught under it during a look back, so since then no more high seats.

Bar position, PSI, tire width, chain slack/tightness, etc… What makes it your ride?
Bar position is just in line with my forks. The psi is always around 70-80, which is perfect for everything. The chain always has to be tight. I hate hearing noises on my bike. My bike is just a big simple nice bike—no crazy specs to it—it's all average and I love the way it feels.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
I always need to have my bars in the right spot. As soon as they aren't I realize it straight away and I hate it when they move.

Part or setup wise, what was the last big change you made?
Last big thing I did was put a freecoaster on and I wouldn't change back. I love the freedom it gives me and how it feels, plus it's fun—even if I'm just riding on flat ground.