Here’s your chance to learn all about Garrett Reynolds‘ personal ride. We’ve got loads of photos, specs, details and words from Garrett on his bike setup preferences.

Height: 5′ 8"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: San Diego, CA
Sponsors: Nike, Redbull, Fiend, Cinema, The Trip, Deadline crew

What I Ride - Garrett Reynolds

Frame: Fiend Reynolds V2 20.75"
Fork: Fiend 20mm offset
Bars: Fiend Reynolds, 9" rise, 27.25" wide.
Stem: Fiend Reynolds front load, 48mm reach, 6mm drop
Grips: Fiend Team
Barends: Fiend
Headset: Fiend
Clamp: Internal
Seatpost: Fiend
Seat: Fiend X Deadline signature
Pedals: Sample.
Cranks: Fiend 160mm
Sprocket: FND 25-tooth
Chain: Sample
Front Tire: BSD Alex Donnasqeaks 2.4"
Front Wheel: Cinema rim, Primo N4FL flangless, Primo plastic guards
Rear Tire: BSD Alex Donnasqueak 2.4"
Rear Wheel: Cinema Rim, Fiend cab coaster, Fiend drive/non-drive side plastic hub guards
Pegs: Fiend plastics 4.25"

When designing your signature Fiend frame, what were some specs, features, dimensions, that were important to you and how you ride?
When I was designing my signature frame for the V2 the main change was to shorten it up. I try to ride back-end length ride around 13.2", so I shortened the backend from 13.5" on V1 to 13" on V2 so when I have the internal chain tensioners in I can ride one link from slammed. It’s a good length for me—not too touchy for big shit, still short enough for spinning quick on tech stuff, and I never have to break my chain to fix a flat.

The sticker on your seat tube looks sick. As always, Eben Fischer killed it with the artwork. There's a lot going on there, what are we looking at exactly? And what was the inspiration behind the direction?
Eben is insanely talented. For instance, the headtube sticker was first try. I told him what I was thinking and the first sketch I saw I was like, "Yeah, that’s it." For the seat tube I went in the direction that tied into my Always Fiending. The seat tube is all things I fiend for bad… food, my pits, my city… It came out sick. Eben's the man, working with him is a pleasure.

Lets talk about the front end a little…Your signature stem is front load with a minimal rise and you only run a dust cap with no stack washers. In the current sea of super tall front ends, you're kinda going against the tide at the moment… Explain your preferences please…
It's how I’ve ran my bike for a while. I ride 9" rise bars right now. My back never hurts and having a lower set up makes me feel like I can hop higher, but more then anything, it's what I’m used too.

As opposed to the traditional bolt into the spindle with most cranks, the Fiend 2.5 piece cranks feature a "proprietary internal wedge system" that is intended to make it easier to get the cranks on and off. Can you elaborate on how the wedge system works?
Fiend Segment cranks are three-piece cranks with a built-in wedge system. The design is simple, the wedge works as a pinch bolt as you tighten them it clamps your spindle. Just makes it easier to put together and take apart. One of my main objectives with Fiend is to simplify stuff and make life easier—banging stuff together sucks.

What are some preferences for your bike set up overall? What makes it your ride?
I ride 2.4" tires—good for tire tricks, gives good compression in gaps and drops. I ride around 50 pounds of pressure, usually. Bars I try to run even with my forks my signature bars come pre-cut because I hate cutting bars and having jagged bar ends. Fiend Bar ends now come with a metal spacer, too, so you don’t go through bar ends as fast for everyone’s safety. Backend… I run my wheel right around 13.2" so I can take my wheel of easy. It’s still short and easy for tech tricks, but not too touchy for long shit.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Having my grips broken-in. And I have to ride colors I like.

Part or setup wise, what was the last big change you made? A game changer even…
Shorter back end makes things a little easier. Especially if you're on a long trip and sore from riding a lot.