WeThePeople‘s homegrown BMX prodigy Felix Prangenberg made his way over to LA for a few weeks where he destroyed every spot he touched with his German precision. Here’s a look at his WeThePeople ride he gets it done on, including his signature Pathfinder sprocket and more…

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Location: Cologne, Germany
Sponsors: Nike, Wethepeople, Parano Garage, Heimwärts Tattoo, Schwalbe Tires, Vodafone Shop Neuwied

What I Ride - Felix Prangenberg

Frame: WeThePeople 2018 Buck frame, 20.75"
Fork: Wethepeople Sterling, 32mm offset
Bars: WeThePeople Sterling, 4-piece, 9.5″
Stem: WeThePeople Patrol
Grips: WeThePeople Hilt XL
Barends: WeThePeople
Headset: WeThePeople Compact
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: WeThePeople Pivotal
Seat: WeThePeople Team Pivotal Fat
Pedals: Eclat Slash
Cranks: WeThePeople Awake, Ed Zunda signature, 170 mm
Sprocket: My signature WeThePeople Pathfinder, 25-T
Chain: Salt Plus half-link
Front Tire: Schwalbe Big Street, 20.3"
Front Wheel: Animal RS rim, WeThePeople Supreme hub with WeThePeople plastic guards
Rear Tire: Schwalbe Big Street, 20.3"
Rear Wheel: Animal RS rim, WeThePeople Helix freecoaster, WeThePeople plastic guards
Pegs: WeThePeople Dill pickle, 4.5″

Describe your bike for us… What makes it your ride?
My bars are always with my fork because every other position feels weird. I always ride around 72 psi. I don’t like it when my tires feel too soft and wobbly. I hate it when my chain has too much slack and makes noises. I don’t really do crankflips so my chain is usually tight. I also hate it when any other part on my bike is loose and makes noises like pedals or cranks.

What's up with the flower stickers on your headtube and bars?
That’s nothing special. My friend Stefan Pauli who rides BMX and is a tattoo artist just gave me loads of his stickers. I was sitting bored at home on Christmas Eve and just started stickering my bike with all those rose stickers. I really liked it how it looked like so I just left it like this.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Like I said. I hate it when anything is loose on my bike. I like it when it rides super clean and feels kinda stiff. I usually ride super tall bars and the tallest stem I can get with a spacer tower beneath it. It just feels way better for tricks like hard 360s because you don’t have to pull too hard and my back starts hurting when I ride bars that are too small.

When was the last time you built up a completely new bike?
I think that was in April just before Simple Session. But I definitely got a whole new bike since than just because of new single parts I got here and there. But I can’t wait to built up a whole new bike in a few months when the first samples of my signature frame and bars are coming!

Signature frame and bars… tell us more.
I can’t say too much right now. But my signature frame and 4-piece bars are dropping later this year. They are both called Pathfinder like my signature sprocket—which is going to be available in a few weeks. It’s 8mm thick and has nine places to mount so it will last for a really long time. It’s available in 25, 26 and 28-T. The frame has some super unique features that no one has ever done before. The geometry will also be pretty unique, but perfect for street and ramps.

What was the last thing you made to your bike that made a big difference?
I think that was a top load stem a few years ago and when I started riding for WeThePeople. I got my first frame with shorter chainstays and that was the best feeling ever. I think these two things just make a lot of tricks easier and makes the bike just feel better in general.