The certified bad ass with a smile, Eric Holladay, breaks down what makes his bike unique for you in this week’s What I Ride

Age: 27
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135lbs
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Sponsors: FBM Bikes, Profile Racing, and Animal Bikes.

Eric Holladay WIR #2 copy

All photos courtesy of Matt Coplon…

Frame: FBM Hardway frame
Fork: FBM CB4K's
Bars: FBM Black Flag 4pc bars (8.6¢)
Stem: FBM Rise Above stem
Grips: ODI grips
Headset: FBM
Clamp: FBM clamp built into Hardway Frame
Seatpost: Animal post
Seat: FBM Blackheart seat
Pedals: FBM Nice pedals
Cranks: 22mm Profile Racing Cranks to 19mm spindle
Sprocket: FBM 25t Supernaut sprocket.
Chain: KMC
Front tire: Animal GLH (Red Walls)
Front wheel: Profile Racing Hub laced to a Sun Rhynolite rim
Rear Tire: Animal GLH (Red Walls)
Rear Wheel: Profile Racing Cassette Hub with 9t driver laced to a Sun Rhynolite rim



How would you describe your bike?
I would describe it to be beautiful, responsive, quick, modern, solid, and tough as hell.


What are some preferences for your bike set up? What makes it your ride?
The size, the geometry of the frame, and the placement of my bars and seat are presumptive characteristics of my bicycle that make it specific to myself. The Gold FBM frame and Gold Profile Racing hubs help distinguish amongst other bikes that she is my ride. Also, I ride pegless, so I guess that stands out as well in terms of what makes it my ride.


You're pretty brutal on your setup, what parts in particular fortify it against complete annihilation?
My FBM Hardway frame has been beat, slammed, and smashed for about a year and a half now into just about everything. However, she still rolls strong as ever (dent free/no cracks) and shines like a diamond in the ruff. My frame takes a beating and always fortifies against complete annihilation.


What are you most particular about on your bike?
I am not too picky or particular about my bike, however, this day and age I find myself probably the most particular about my bar positioning and my seat height.


You ride an older style Profile Crank: 22mm arm retrofitted to a 19mm spindle. Are you hard on cranks? Does the oversize on the arm help with crank arm slides?
I am very hard on my cranks and my 22mm Profile Cranks have held up better than any other cranks I've ever rode. They are solid and I love the retrofitted setup I have to the 19mm spindle. The oversize arms definitely help in terms of strength and are amazing for crank arm slides.


You ride a steep head tube and a slammed rear end making for responsive geometry. Does that contribute to riding peg less?
Yes, it makes it great for riding street. I ride trails along with anything and everything else with my setup as well, but the geometry is very practical for street riding. It's great for hops, spins, and nose maneuvers. The geometry definitely contributes to my pegless riding.


Part or setup wise, what was the last big change you made?
The most recent change and setup added is the Animal Bikes (Chris Silva signature) Nub Nuts to my bike. I am so beyond stoked to run these—they look and ride so clean. They even are making the standard thread nuts for the female Profile Hubs, which I am currently running. I am really looking forward to putting them to use…