Volume just released DeMarcus Paul's signature War Horse line, including his War Horse frame, bars, seat, plastic pegs, and a even a T-shirt. In conjunction with the release, we've got a detailed bike check with the man himself with loads of photos and some Q&A about his new line, bike set up preferences, and more…

Age: 28
Height: 5’11
Weight: 170
Location: San Diego, CA
Sponsors: Volume Bikes, ALLDAY BMX Shop, Etnies, Pyradice

What I Ride - Demarcus Paul
Frame: Volume War Horse, 20.75", Matte Rust colorway.
Fork: Volume Broc Raiford Anchor V2, black.
Bars: Volume War Horse, gloss black, 9′ rise, 29′ width, 10° back sweep, 1° up sweep.
Stem: Volume VLM top load, 50mm reach.
Grips: Volume VLM Flangeless Vex
Barends: Odyssey Par Ends
Headset: Demolition V2 integrated
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Demolition Pivotal
Seat: Volume War Horse, brown Camo.
Pedals: Demolition Trooper
Cranks: Demolition Dennis Enarson Rig, 170mm.
Sprocket: Demolition Mugatu, spline drive, 28-T.
Chain: Shadow Interlock Supreme
Front Tire: Volume Vader, 2.4"
Front Wheel: Demolition Bulimia V2 wheel with Demolition guards.
Rear Tire: Volume Vader, 2.4"
Rear Wheel: Demolition signature Ryan “Biz” Jordan Rotator V2 Freecoaster wheel with Demolition plastic non-drive side guard and a plastic Primo on the drive side.
Pegs: Volume War Horse 4.5″

From prototype to production, how long was the process to finalize your signature frame?
The Process wasn’t that long. Came into it kind of knowing what I wanted when it came to specs. Didn’t make many tweaks during the process.

When designing your frame, what were some features, dimensions, and specs that were really important for you?
One of the features on my frame is the hour-glass headtube with the VLM engraved logo on it. I think the hourglass headtube makes the frame look smooth. Just having a simple clean bike is what I’m into. Another key point in this frame is the investment cast dropouts with the integrated chain tensioners. Investment cast dropouts makes for a smother look on the frame and easy on the eyes. I love it!

Same question as above for your bars…
With the bars I pretty much went with a more traditional setup. No big degree changes from most bars. Simple and easy.

I understand you tested multiple compounds for your pegs. What exactly was it you were looking for with your signature pegs in mind?
With PC pegs I think there’s always a gamble on whether or not the plastic is strong enough to not shred away fast and soft enough to not shatter on certain surfaces. After riding a few different samples we finally got one that we feel could give us the most life out of a plastic peg.

What are some preferences for your bike set up that truly makes it your ride?
I’m usually running around 50 to 60psi on the 2.4" Volume Vader tires. The tire is big and good for rail rides. I try to keep my bars more straight up as I can, but I don’t mind if they’re forward or back a little. I keep my chain at a good medium tension. I feel that for manuals it’s better to have a chain that’s not super tight so you can be more comfortable in manuals, but also tight enough that my cranks don’t spin whenever I do whips. I specifically wanted chain tensioners for this very reason.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Bar position. I don’t mind if they move while I’m trying a trick, but whenever I change my stem, my bars always seem to never be in the right spot for a few days [laughs].

Part or setup wise, what was the last big change you made?
Before production I changed the chainstay on my frame to a 13" slammed. The reason for this is I wanted to have top tube space for barspins and whips and a shorter chainstay for manuals and tech tricks.