Newly recruited GT team rider Dan Conway built up a fresh steed from the ground up with a Rob Wise frame, Original 4-Piece bars, BK stem, prototype Daily Grind pegs, and more. According to Dan, "It's cool to have a new bike with a bunch of changes. It makes me feel like I'm starting fresh—it's motivating." When Conway is motivated all rails nearby start to tremble…

Photos by Ryan Scott

Age: 28
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Location: Drexel Hill, PA
Sponsors: GT Bikes, Daily Grind, Stink Pit

What I Ride - Dan Conway

Frame: GT Rob Wise signature
Fork: Odyssey r25
Bars: GT Original 4-piece
Stem: GT BK top load
Grips: Prototype Daily Grind
Barends: Daily Grind
Headset: FSA
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Daily Grind Stealth Pivotal
Seat: Daily Grind Lounge Seat
Pedals: GT PC
Cranks: GT Power Series 22mm, 175mm length
Sprocket: Daily Grind 25-tooth
Chain: Cult
Front Tire: GT logo 2.35"
Front Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite, Daily Grind hub and guards (steel)
Rear Tire: GT logo 2.35"
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite, Odyssey Clutch freecoaster, Daily Grind steel guard
Pegs: Two prototype Daily Grind plastic and one steel Daily Grind.

What are some differences with your new GT setup from what you were riding before? Anything you needed to get used to?
I have a lot of changes to my new bike versus my old. This frame has a slightly less steep of a headtube and the top tube is slightly shorter. The headtube doesn't make a difference to me because I don't really mess with nose wheelie tricks. The top tube is 21.25" versus my old 21.5"—and that's not really and big difference so I'm chilling. The biggest thing I'm trying to get used to is the bars, they are completely different to what I've been riding for a long time. Other than that I'm stoked on everything! It's cool to have a new bike with a bunch of changes. It makes me feel like I'm starting fresh—it's motivating.

Your bike looks sick with the Original 4-Piece bars too. I can't remember if you've ridden 4-piece before or not, but what are your thoughts on them so far?
When I was younger I ran the Bob bars for a little while when they first came out. But as I got older and taller I just kept getting bigger bars to help out my back. I love the look of them! I feel like this is the way all four piece bars should look—versus some of the taller four piece bars that are available that have the cross bar like a traditional 2-piece. They are definitely lower than what I'm used to running, and that's really the only thing that I'm still getting used to. But I'm sure I'll just bounce back and forth with them for a little while.

Beyond the new GT bars, BK stem, pedals, and logo tires, I noticed the Power Series cranks…
Hell yea! I’m really stoked on those! They are samples that I got from Ben. It's funny when I have to tell people that they are not Primo cranks and give the back story of how they came out first. [Laughs] But it's cool. Most people know the deal anyways. So far they been holding up to crank grinds and taking drops.

How do the aluminum cranks feel as opposed to chromoly?
Haven't felt a difference! Thought for sure I would on crank grinds, but not at all. I love the shape of them, I grew up running Primo cranks. The first generation Power Series were before my time, but I'm stoked as hell to be running them today!

Three pegs—two plastic and a metal on your oppo side—explain the setup please…
Just testing out the samples of the new Daily Grind plastics. I ran plastic pegs for such a long time then made the switch back to metal and have been on the same set of DG pegs since I got on. The plastics are fun and a necessity for certain setups.

What are some preferences for your bike set up overall? What makes it your ride?
I don't do anything too crazy, I run my tires at 70psi, bars a tad forward to make up for that shorter top tube, my chain is in the perfect spot because my wheel is slammed. Other than that I'm always changing the color of my tires and I usually blow it out with stickers and paint, (not as extreme as JWG) [laughs] but it usually gets messy and then I strip her down and start fresh.

Part or setup wise, what was the last big change you made? A game changer even…
My whole bike [laughs]. Everything is different. It was time for a change. But it's all-good! Even though my bike has changed, my game hasn't.