Cult’s Dakota Roche just updated his signature DAK frame with some geometry tweaks, which you can read all about here. But it doesn’t end there, because Dak also has new Cult pedals and a prototype sprocket in the works, as well.

Name: Dakota Roche
Age: 28
Height: 5′ 7"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: Huntington Beach
Sponsors: Cult Crew, Vans, Monster Energy, Stance, Cinema, Dans Comp
What I Ride - Dakota Roche

Frame: Cult DAK 20.75"
Fork: Cult Sect V3
Bars: Cult Trey Jones’ Stone Cold 8.7″
Stem: Cult Salvation V2
Grips: Cult DAK
Barends: Cult plastic
Headset: Cult
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Cult Pivotal
Seat: Cult DAK
Pedals: Cult DAK (coming soon)
Cranks: Cult OS 175mm
Sprocket: Cult Cadi 28t (sig. sample)
Chain: Cult 510
Front Tire: Cult / Vans 2.35"
Front Wheel: Cinema 777, Cinema VX, Cinema VX guard
Rear Tire: Cult / Vans 2.35"
Rear Wheel: Cult Match cassette complete wheel with Cult plastic guards
Pegs: Cult Butter 4.5"


No joke flat ground wallride to flattie. Photo: Robbie Morales

So this is a new version of your frame with updated geometry. What all did you change up?
It’s got a steeper headtube (75.5°) shorter rear end (13.25") and a slightly lower BB. The goal was to make the frame feel more responsive then traditional geometry without it feeling funky. (Other specs include 71° seat tube, 11.6″ BB height, 9.25″ standover…)

And what made you decide to make the change?
I was in Japan filming for the Vans video earlier this year and hopped on Mattias Dandois' bike and gave it a spin. I was blown away at how good it felt doing 3’s and hops etc… So I hit up Neal Wood and asked if we could sample a frame with a little updated geometry. He was really stoked on the idea and had one drawn up to sample pretty much the next day.

I feel like a lot of riders don't realize how much a few degrees can affect how a bike feels and handles. How does your bike feel now?
For reals! I never paid too much attention to geometry in the past, but a few tweaks makes a huge difference. This thing feels amazing, exactly what I wanted.

Tell us about that interesting new colorway…
Neal and I were brainstorming ideas and wanted to do something a little different. He suggested a “Patina” style paint job similar to what happens to old hot rods and stuff. We got it sampled and it was love at first sight. Really stoked on how it turned out and how it all looks built up. Thing is toughhhh.

I noticed a new sprocket and pedals as well. What's up with those?
The sprocket is an idea I had based off of the rims on my Cadillac. One day I was just like “dang that would look tight as a sprocket” so Neal was down to mock it up. Looked super rad so we rolled with it! Just got the samples and I’m really into them. Expected to drop sometime next year… The pedals, on the other hand, were over a year in the making and designing. I wanted something with a bigger surface area without it looking bulky, so Neal and I went back and forth for months until we got something we both thought looked official. In addition to a clean appearance, they have a way stronger spindle then most of the pedals on the market—which is something I felt was much needed. I’ve been riding them for over six months now and haven’t had any issues whatsoever—they rule. Sturdy, clean and grippy—the way it should be. They’ll be out in the next couple weeks!