Charlie Crumlish has carved out his own unique niche of tech street riding assisted my his abundant use of pegs, brakes, half-cabs, and multiple ledges and or rails. Charlie’s bike is equally unique and built up to perfectly match not only his tall stature, but also his tech riding, which includes his signature S&M Tallboy frame and FU Bars, extra long Merritt pegs, and more… Hit play play now because rest assured you won’t find a more hilarious bike check than this…

Frame: S&M Tallboy V2/ 21.25"
Fork: S&M Widemouth Pitchforks, 32mm offset
Bars: S&M FUBARS, 10"
Stem: Merritt Inaugural MK2
Grips: Merritt Me Grips
Barends: Merritt
Headset: Merritt
Seatpost: S&M
Seat: Merritt SL1, two-tone leather
Pedals: Merritt P1
Cranks: Merritt Battle
Sprocket: Merritt, Brandon Begin, Pentaguard, 25-T
Chain: Merritt
Front Tire: Merritt Option, 2.35"
Front Wheel: Merritt Battle rim, Merritt Nonstop hub, Merritt Tension guards
Rear Tire: Merritt Option, 2.35"
Rear Wheel: Merritt Battle rim, Merritt Final Drive freecoaster, currently testing an integrated guard and prototype drive side guard.
Pegs: Merritt Brandon’s Bananas aka 4.75" GFE

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