We've got all the info on Bruno Hoffmann‘s personal ride, including his signature Federal frame/fork, and signature Éclat grips, Predator tires, and more…

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 154 lbs.
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Sponsors: Federal Bikes, Vans, Redbull, Éclat, Deepend BMX Shop, Ciao Crew, Dub, Trip


Frame: Federal Bruno V.2, 21", metallic green
Fork: Federal Liquid
Bars: Federal Bruno
Stem: Éclat Dune
Grips: Éclat signature Bruno
Barends: Éclat Corx V2 w/ steel insert
Headset: Éclat Cargo
Clamp: integrated
Seatpost: Éclat Torch Pivotal
Seat: Federal slim seat prototype
Pedals: Federal Contact
Cranks: Éclat Tibia 165mm
Sprocket: Éclat AK Guard, 25-T
Chain: Éclat Diesel
Front Tire: Éclat signature tire Predator 2.30"
Front Wheel: Éclat Dynamic hub with nylon guards, Éclat Bondi XL rim
Rear Tire: Éclat Predator 2.30"
Rear Wheel: Éclat Cortex Freecoaster with plastic guards, Éclat Bondi Xl rim
Pegs: Éclat Venom 4 nylon/fiberglass

How would you describe your bike?
Steady and high I would say. It's pretty responsive without feeling like a flatland bike, too.

What are some preferences for your bike set up? What makes it your ride?
My tires are 2.3" width so compared to other ones they aren't that wide, but I like it. Pressure wise I prefer about 60-65 Psi so they are kinda hard and not too bouncy. It freaks me out if there's not enough pressure in them. My bars are pretty parallel with the forks so nothing special, and I don’t cut them at all.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Nothing really, but I can’t stand new pedals—especially with fresh shoes. With too much grip I just feel stuck to the pedals.

What were some specifics for you when designing your signature Federal frame and bars?
For my frame I wanted something really study, hence the gussets on top and down tube. Besides that I wanted it to be responsive, but not too low and steep, with a high BB. Also for this V2 of my frame I've decided to not put any brake mounts in, making the frame look even cleaner. For my bars I just wanted something with height of 9" and not too much backsweep.

Tell us about your signature Éclat Predator tire. What were some specifics you were looking for when designing it?
Really just something that holds up—especially on the sidewalls, and is still grippy enough when it's raining/still wet. Perfect for European weather [laughs].

What's the deal with your Éclat grips?
They are a bit thinner than usual grips, I guess. The flange is small enough to leave it on and not bother about cutting them off. Also, Éclat was down to get the Frankfurt skyline and the original “Ciao” logo involved.

Tell us a little about the Ciao crew. I noticed the Ciao logo on your grips and seat…
Well, the seat is just some prototype and I’m not sure at the moment if it's going to happen in the way the sample was, but I said before, Éclat was down to involve it in the flange of the grip, which is pretty cool. No real story behind it, just cool to look back at it because I’ll always remember it as a symbol for my time in Frankfurt and the amazing scene here.

Part or setup wise, what was the last big change you made?
Nothing really, but I guess switching from a cassette to a coaster around 3-4 years ago. Time flies…