With a deep bag of tricks and a buttery style, Justin Hughes holds it down for WeThePeople in the streets of Montreal. WTP brought Justin out to California recently and he didn’t waste any time putting a hurtin’ on everything he rode.

“Justin Hughes, one of our AMs through OGC in Canada, came out for a few weeks to escape the cold Canadian weather. I expected to film a few clips of him and put them in his good friend Dillon Llyod's video as "homie clips". Justin casually killed it so it only made sense to give him some shine of his own. Justin is dialed. Even the hardest tricks in here didn't take very long time to pull and we're pulled as clean as they could be. If you haven't heard of Justin yet I hope this opens your eyes to him because this is only a taste of what he is capable of.” —Grant Castelluzzo, WTP