Jordan Godwin just wrapped up a Lock In at the Source Park and you can enter for a chance to win the bike he rode by clicking the photo below. Peep all the specs and details of Jordan’s ride (and possible your soon to be new bike).

Height:  5', 10"
Weight: 11stone-ish
Location: Newport, South Wales
Sponsors: WeThePeople, Éclat, Nike, DUB, DOOMED, Crucial BMX, Monster Energy

Frame: WTP Battleship, (Jordan Godwin Colorway)
Fork: WTP Battleship
Bar: Éclat Chocolate, 25.4" oversize clamping
Grip: Éclat Pulsar
Stem: WTP Hydra, 25.4" clamping
Headset: Éclat
Cranks: Éclat Spire, 170mm
BB: Éclat
Pedals: Éclat Seeker
Sprocket: Éclat AK Guard, 28-T
Chain: Éclat Diesel
Seat: Éclat Fat
Front Wheel: Éclat Cortex
Rear Wheel: Éclat Cortex
Tyres: Éclat Mirage
Pegs: Éclat Venom, 4.5"

How was it being in Hastings for a week at the Source Park filming your Lock In?
It can sometimes be really hard when you get thrown in a skate park just you and the filmer and you have to get a video done—especially as it's the home of Battle of Hastings—so almost everything has been done (I definitely did a few ABDs) but honestly it was a well fun week and super laid back. Coxie is real easy to film with and a good laugh, we was out the park a lot filming other stuff too, it turned out to be a real productive week and we didn't even realise until the end.

Have you been working on anything else? We see you just got added to the Monster Energy team.
Oh man it's so surreal, massive thanks Creasy for making it happen. I still can't really get it through my head, honestly. I'm just hyped because it allows me to ride my bike even more, and that's an offer I can't turn down! Shouts to those guys I really can't show enough appreciation, other than that I'm sitting on some footage from my last trip to California that I'm pretty stoked on, hopefully I can add to that when I get back out there this month and have a finished piece that will be for WeThePeople and then Simple Session… that's always a mental time—it's like a massive family reunion [laughs]. Really just trying to travel about and ride my bike as much as I can.

Tell us about this bike. You built it up fresh for the week right? And now Source BMX is giving it away?
Yep, that's right. I built pretty much an exact copy of my bike to ride for the week—which is pretty insane—and then it gets even better because the Source is giving it away when the Lock In drops, so keep 'ya eyes peeled for more info on that. I think it's rad that they're doing that, it's always good to give back.

How do you like your bike set up?
"Compact" is a word that comes to mind—narrow bars, back end on the shorter side, I like to cut my forks down so the stem fits flush with the headset cap—I can't deal with headset spacers [laughs].

How did your signature Chocolate bars come about from Eclat?
I was always cutting my bars down, and éclat didn't really have a smaller bar so Dave [Paterson] hit me up and it escalated from there. I felt like the name was set in stone from day one it just makes sense for me.

You have had a colorway in the WTP Battleship for a little while now. Any talks of a frame?
You'll have to ask a Doomsayer…

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