Sinister Mini/Junior 20-inch forks.

Sinister Steering Systems was purchased from Greg Hill this year by Marzocchi, a top of the line Mountain Bike Company. Not only have the forks undergone some big design changes for next year, but look for stems, protective wear, and a few other products to be released in the near future.

The forks shown here are the 20″ Mini/Junior forks and the 20″ Prolite forks. Both styles are available in 24″ sizes as well. Sinister forks have a 6061 T-6 machined aluminum crown and 6061 T-6 extruded legs that allow the dropout and the fork leg to be one piece. The forks also feature Marzocchi BMX’s patented “ILOC” (Integrated Locking Crown and Leg), this designed is intended to eliminate lateral flex. The Prolite models also utilize an Easton EA-7075 Freeride steerer tube. One of the points that Marzocchi stresses is that it doesn’t use glue on any parts on the forks.

The 2001 Sinister ProLite 20-inch fork from Marzocchi BMX.

The Sinister Steering Systems Forks from Marzocchi BMX are available in polished aluminum, black, and red. Suggested retail on the Mini/Junior forks is $160 for the 20-inch and $169 for the 24-inch, weight for the two is 17oz and 19oz respectively. The Prolite forks retail for $189 (20-inch) and $195 (24-inch), weight for the two sizes is 32oz and 35oz.