Voxom’s new freestyle wheelset is built with chrome-plated Alex Supra-E wheels and stainless steel 14-guage spokes, but the hubs are where things get really trick. The rear hub is built with one side allowing the user to run a 14-tooth freewheel, but instead of the other side allowing for a 16-tooth freewheel there is a hub guard to keep you from messing up your spokes. The rear hub has a 14mm axle and the front hub has a 3/8″ axle. Suggested retail price is $149.99.

If you get new wheels you’ll probably won’t some new tires as well. Luckily, Voxom has you covered there, too. The “Rubbers” are 1.95″ wide and handle a maximum PSI of 110. Suggested retail is $17.99.


Magnesium pedals are one of the newest trends in BMX, and Voxom has designed a set that is based off of the traditional Shimano DX body style. With a 9/16″ chromoly spindle and sealed cartridge bearings, Voxom didn’t cut any corners when they designed these. However, a lack of bracing in between the top and bottom of the platform makes the body style of the pedal better for racing and trails than street and park riding. The Voxom Magnesium pedals are available in black matte for $89.99.

Voxom also keeps your handlebars from ripping off your pinky finger with these bar-end caps. The caps fit standard 7/8″ bars, come with an Allen wrench, and are available in black or chrome for $10.99.