Name: Van Homan
Age: 29
Location: Pennsville, NJ
Sponsors: Fit Bike Co., Orchild Footwear, Duo Brand, Fremont Clothing, Two by Four

Frame: Fit Lurch
Fork: Fit Blade Lite
Bars: Fit Northwest or Fit Highs (They changed the name, but it’s the same bar.)
Stem: Fit Down Low Regular
Grips: Duo Van Homan
Barends: Eclat
Detangler: Odyssey
Headset: FSA
Clamp: Built in
Seatpost: Fit
Seat: Fit ECCD
Cranks: Flow Cranks
Sprocket: Fit Down Low, 30T
Chain: KMC 510 Drop Buster
Brakes: Fly
Cable: Dragon Fly upper Gyro cable and an Odyssey lower gyro cable
Brake Lever: Dia-Comp Tech 77, and I’m not going to sell out like BF, haha.
Front Tire: Duo Stunner, 2.20″
Front Wheel: G-Sport hub with an Odyssey 7KA rim
Rear Tire: Fit FAF, 2.10″
Rear Wheel: Profile 10T hub with and Odyssey Hazard Lite, I think.
Hub Guard: FBM
Pegs: T-1
Pedals: Animal Hamilton Plastic Pedals

Cut the bars just a little. Change the bolt on my lever to a tree bloody finge bolt so my thumb doesn’t get cut up when tossing the bars. I give my lever a custom bend. I rock a half link in my chain to get the wheel in just the right place because I like a weird gear. I like the 30/10 gear for that extra speed. Once you gear up, its hard to go back.

Which parts do you go through the most?
Tires, grips, and tubes. Just the normal stuff, I guess. I’m pretty hard on cranks, too, but have been having good luck with the flow cranks.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
My bike is a little bigger than most kids’ bikes today. Just comes from being around for a while and having a race and jumping background I think.

Do you remember your first “real” BMX bike?
Yeah it was a Peregrine Proformer.

Why don’t you have a signature frame anymore?
People are looking for the lighter, smaller bikes these days. My frame didn’t really fit that mold. It’s all good though, I’m hyped on the Lurch. It’s long and strong…

How would you say your setup has changed or stayed the same over the years?

Changed—bars got smaller, then bigger again, seat got lower, it got a lot lighter. Stayed the same—long back end, two pegs, hub guard, and a Gyro.

Do you build up a new bike from scratch or replace parts as needed?
I usually keep a few parts that I’m hyped on or that aren’t too beat up. I always try to keep my lever.

When you need parts do you order them from Fit or scoop it up from your shop?
I just grab them from the shop and then Fit will replace them. All the guys that ride for Two By Four with bike sponsors have that same luxury. It makes it easy and quick for all of us.